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DBZ: Raging Blast 2 or DBZ: Make me Rage 2

I got Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast II for ps3 this monday. It only took a few hours to unlock everydamn characters. I haven’t bought any Dragon Ball games ever since Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for PS2. Seriously, with Dragon ball Kai airing, I couldn’t resist buying the game ever since I gave away DBZ BT2 to a friend and since I only had DBZ Budokai I left.

The Gameplay:

The controls of the game is quite simple for most of the moves. It makes me feel that I won’t miss the older dbz games with the complex combo to get a single powerful blast. However, because of that simplification of controls, you quickly see that you’re limited with the 4 special moves (the specials can be customized before the battle though) and after a while you quickly grow tired of the Ultimate move. 7/10


Well there’s no story mode in Raging Blast 2. What you have is the Galaxy Mode where you choose a character and complete the corresponding road. You will normally be given a sort of handicap mission in most fights such as beat X number of opponent in X amount of time or health decreases constantly or even start with no life at all. What annoys me is that in some character road, the game will freeze if you don’t finish another character road in relation to that other one. Per example, the Super Buu road will lead to a game freeze if you don’t do the Gotenkz and Picollo Galaxy mode first. However, overall, the Galaxy mode is actually challenging that it could also make you temporarily rage whenever you start playing with zero-life. Yes, the title “Raging Blast” isn’t for nothing. I give the galaxy mode a 6.5/10


While i don’t care about Dragon Ball GT, I’m a little bit disappointed in the fact that the characters in Dragon Ball aren’t there. I think it would have been cool have General Tao, Master Roshi as playable characters. In addition, I’m saddened to not see Hercule Satan either. Videl is in the game but her dad isn’t. It’s blasphemy!! Cui and Cooler’s 3 henchmen aren’t what you call the most wanted characters you’d want to play with. I feel the roster is quite incomplete. Hell, Gogeta normal form and Jamemba’s fat form aren’t available. However, I’m actually satisfied with the villains. Villains > Heroes. The roster in my opinion is passable at best. 6/10

DBZ Raging Blast II is a game for the people who actually miss the anime. However, it doesn’t really bring anything new that could make me play for months.



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