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Bleach: Chapter 435 Panic at the Dollhouse

Boooooooo!! A post about Bleach… This post is brought you by…Thai’s boredom.

Once upon a time…Blah Blah Blah…Ichigo has been turned into a toy-size and must fight a stuff animal. Oh wait, I meant a random kidnapped yakuza inside Mr. Pork.


Technically, Ichigo is training to activate his fullbring abilities which makes me say: “Huh What?”. 1)Ichigo has fullbring abilities? 2)What does fullbring training has to do with Shinigami powers? 3)Tite Kubo is trolling us. 4)We went from Lost Shinigami Arc to Fullbringers Arc. 5)Why did Ginjou even have a substitute shinigami badge in the first place? 6)Was part 4) and 5) part of Tite Kubo’s trolling or was that a plothole?

We learn that the fullbring ability requires something or someone whom the user is fond in order to use as a medium. After 15 minutes, the stuffed animal turned into “Rage” mode before Ichigo could try to use his substitute shinigami badge as a medium for the Fullbring.

Please Die, Ichigo!

It was pretty decent chapter again which is kinda disappointing since every other chapters were decent ever since Aizen arc. That makes it boring to read.



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