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Poll: Which anime came as the biggest surprise of the spring 2011 season?

If you ask me, I think Astarotte no Omocha! is the biggest surprise of the season. I wasn’t even prepared to give it a chance. I thought it was going to a fan-service anime targeting the lolicon fandom, but the show is really sweet and touching, despite some sexual puns.

Then, you have this nearly unknown and unhyped show called Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. This 12-min per episode show is honestly one of the most hilarious shit in this season. This show succeeded where Beelzebub failed terribly. Hilarious-yet-badass…Sometime I wished Beelzebub had a good director. Midget size demons really did well to make me laugh.


So far: Anime Spring 2011 Impression

I’ve finished watching the first episodes of Nichijou, Tiger & Bunny, X-Men, Dog Days (well I stopped half-way lol) and HanaSaku Iroha.

Good: HanaSaku Iroha

Out of the 5 anime series mentioned earlier, this one is simply the best. The animation is really attractive as it reminds me of Makoto Shinkai’s movie animation style. The plot is simple, so it isn’t hard to follow. You have a pragmatic and a bit eccentric girl, Ohana Matsumae, living in the city with her very eccentric mom. As her mom decides to run away with her boyfriend, Ohana is sent to her grandmother whom she never speak to. Well, quite an exciting turn of event for our protagonist since she’s pragmatic. The anime starts pretty fun and light, then BANG!! Oh yeah, her mom got disowned by the granny (lol I wonder why *sarcasm*) and so, the granny refuses to acknowledge Ohana as her grand-daughter. Ohana is only considered as an employee of the hot-spring. She doesn’t take it too bad, but it’s obvious not everyone welcomes her well. It’s rough time for our main protagonist. Seriously, the crazy mom is one thing, but I would never be able to put up with that kind of grandma. You’ll probably find some sympathy for Ohana as the story follows on with her tough life as a young girl. You’ll like it if you’re into Slice of Life.

Decent: Nichijou

Surprise! My expectation is still the same. This anime is what happens when you create a chemical reaction between Azumanga Daioh and Cromartie High School. The one thing with Nichijou is that the words “common sense” do not exist at all. The series is a compilation of skits sets following some characters. First, you have a robot-girl with a giant screw on her back which is used to prepare shooting her toe as missile living with her creator “The Professor”. Oh yeah, “The Professor” looks like an elementary girl. I mistook her for the robot-girl’s little sister. I mean she spends her day reading kid books and hugging stuffed toys. That skit set isn’t really particularly funny at all. Then, you have the school & students skit. It’s the part where you’ll find some stuffs funny. Seriously, you don’t often see a chick making her dog play “catch the frisbee before I shoot it with my shotgun”. Fun, laid-back, random…it’s right in my alley, but it’s still not an anime that really stands out greatly yet.

Don’t care: Tiger & Bunny

Well this show got some excellent rating from the ANN critics, but it doesn’t necessarily fits for all “anime fans”. The one thing about Tiger & Bunny is that it’s a good cartoon rather than a good anime. It is obviously targeted for western audience. I just can’t find a way to care about this anime. I’m into anime because I’ve watched in my childhood so many cartoons of the same animation style as Tiger & Bunny and I got bored enough to become an anime fan. Certainly, it’s new in the anime medium, but not completely new in the american cartoon medium. It’s not a bad anime. It might even be good for you, especially if you liked Booster Dragon (I did like it at one time). Call me a Weeaboo, however, I want to watch something that falls into the category of “anime” style and not of western cartoon.

PS: Tiger & Bunny is not legally available online in Canada. The show is available in the US with Hulu and ANN and in the UK with ANN. Simply…brilliant (sarcasm)

Crap: X-men and Dog Days

Do I need to say more? I found X-men to be really boring. Starting with the death of Jean Grey was kinda shocking and that’s about it. The rest of the episodes becomes highly painful to follow. Following Jean’s death, the main member X-men member (Beast, Wolverine, Cyclops and Storm) are separated all over the world and the institute is empty with the exception of Professor X monitoring every mutants. I know I wanted Wolverine to turn into something rough and beastly, but come on, he looks so uncool. He doesn’t have to look like Igor from Frankenstein (lol). The only reason why I’d care to follow the show now is: Storm is FUCKING HAWT!!!!

In Dog Days, you have an athletic and “kawaii” bishounen who is teleported into a fantasy world where human dogs are in war with human cats. LOL WHAT?! Sure, It looked super cute, but it’s so retarded for me to watch this generic crap. In addition The concept of animal ears and tails on a human is something that turns me off completely. That’s why I didn’t like Otome Youkai Zakuro in the first place (haha).



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