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Anime Yumekui Merry/Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Rainmeters

TheBlacklistProject has done a Rainmeter for “Yumekui Merry” featuring the character of Merry Nightmare from the anime series

The next Rainmeter is from the Winter 2011 anime series “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?” featuring the character of Eucliwood Hellscythe




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  • Aoi Yuki is just killing it as Suishou in Granbelm. 1 day ago
  • Granbelm is pretty much running for AOTY. Haven't enjoyed a show like that in years. 1 week ago
  • FGO hasn't made me want to kill myself in a long while #fgo #nerofest 1 week ago
  • while the Sinanju RG looks unbelievably beautiful, holy fuck, does it have so much awkwardly loose pieces. 2 weeks ago
  • Granbelm is just consistently...spectacular. Don't think there was a single boring or slow episode so far. 3 weeks ago

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