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Infinite Stratos Ep 3: The secret behind Ichika

Warning: This post is more vulgar than any post I’ve done. Don’t go flagging on me or something.

I have finally understood how is Ichika able to control an IS. After 3 episode of this show, I came up with the conclusion that Ichika was born with 2 genitalia and got surgery to get rid of his pussy!!!!

Exhibit A:

I’m utterly disappointed in Ichika as the main character of a harem. He goes to an All-Girl School. He’s popular as hell to the point he’s a chick magnet on the show. However, the problem is that he’s too passive to the point that his penis seems to be inactive for 90% of the show.

Exhibit B:

Houki is changing and Ichika doesn't intend to peep

Exhibit C:

Let’s not forget the first episode during the roommate moment where Ichika feared the big boobs of the other chicks outside the room.


All 3 exhibits helps to prove, if he didn’t have 2 genitals at birth, that he’s certainly less than a man.

Wait…Why am I doing this? Oh yeah, the 3rd episode was simply useless and bland. There wasn’t much to say. We just get another chick, called Fan Rinin, appearing as the 2nd childhood friend of Ichika. As you can expect, she’s incredibly horny and wants him but the dude seems to fail noticing the “amazingly so” obvious signs that she gives off. *PS: Her name does sound really MOE for some reasons. Plus, the conflict during Ichika and Rin was simply too retarded.

Fan Rinin: Her name is MOE

According to the first 2-3 min of the first episode, there’s still a few chicks left to enter Ichika’s harem and one of them who had an eye patch sounded really cute and silly which kinda make me say “huh”.

Honestly, Cecilia already going “dere” was pretty much disappointing. For me, it killed off her character. Reaction: Facepalm

This episode gets a 5.5/10.



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