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5 Odd Manga Recommendation

This post is dedicated for some weird/odd manga series.

Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies

Synopsis: The setting is a rural city in which kidnapping and series of murders are happening simultaneously. 8 years ago a boy and a girl were kidnap and suffered through the hands of their perpetrator. The victims, the compulsive liar “Mii-kun” (the narrator), and “Maa-chan” (Misono Mayu) reunites and start living together, despite the fact that the recently reported missing children were within Mayu’s apartment…

For a lover of oddities, this short 5-chapters manga series is extremely lovable. The hostages become the criminals. It’s a beautiful romance between an unstable-minded kidnapper and a “supposedly” serial killer who lies constantly. This series has interesting twists and has a mysterious tone to the story.

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to

Synopsis: A Life Description about the Mangaka Aito Yuuki and his Assistant Ashisu Sahoto. Aito-san doesn’t understand the feelings of the characters on his stories. So he asks Ashisu to help him. Ashisu would do everything for the work, she would even let him touch her breast so he will know how it feels like! The Habit?! The Pervert?! Can we understand them? That’s the Comedy of a Mangaka Life.

This manga is from the creator of Doujin Work. Personally, I thought it was funnier than Doujin Work. This series holds tons of fan-service as well as adult characters in loli bodies (lol). The main character is simply perverted and has the silliest motive for drawing manga.


Synopsis: Through his hobby, which is exploring (peeping?) through the spaces in-between, Heisaku-kun ends up falling in love with his neighbor, Fumio-chan. However, it turns out that Fumio-chan has also been spying on Heisaku-kun all this time. Will this uncontrollable pair’s hidden love ever be realized?

It’s not for kids because of the few sex scenes. For me, this one is simply a great romance manga series. I really liked the idea of having a stalker stalking another stalker. One word: Refreshing.

Anne Freaks

Synopsis: While trying to bury the body of his mother deep in the woods, high school student Yuri is approached by a strange girl who offers to help him. That is… if he promises to be her “parent killing assistant.” Meet Anne Freaks, a bright, attractive teenage girl normal in every way – except that she’s on a mission to kill her father, the leader of the dangerous extremist cult: the Kakusei Group.

It’s another odd romance LOL, but this time between a mother-killer and an insane girl looking to kill her parents. Seriously, am I really sane to like this kind of stuff?

Franken Fran

Synopsis: Fran can make anyone into anything, raise the dead, switch heads and bodies, and give you those eyes that you’ve always wanted. But do you actually want them? Is it a good thing to raise the dead? Do the ends justify the means? And does Fran care?

Now this is a series that is so creepy that it’s AWESOME!!! You always look forward the aftermath of Fran’s surgeries. Fran always look like she going to be helpful but in the end, terror befalls on the patient. Hilarious, Ugly, Fun, Creepy………WIN.


Lying Mii-Kun and Broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies (Live-Action Trailer)

Lying Mii-Kun and Broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies is getting a live-action movie in January 2011. Woooooooooo!!!!! I’ve read the manga and I loved everything about it. The live-action movie seems much more light-hearted than the manga.

Synopsis: The setting is a rural city in which a kidnapping and a series of murders are happening simultaneously, where there was also a kidnapping 8 years ago. The victims, the compulsive liar “Mii-kun” (the narrator), and “Maa-chan” (Misono Mayu) reunite and start living together, despite of the fact that the kidnapped children were in Mayu’s apartment…

Yes, the reason why I like Precious Lies is because the story is crazy. It’s not often you see this kind of tragic love story. I’m a little bit disappointed that Mii-kun seems more comic in the movie, but I’m still excited!!!

Here’s the preview:



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