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Anime Character Height Charts Edition 2

Found more anime character height charts to go along with my previous post, so, enjoy!!!!

Spring 2011 Anime Steins;Gate

Comparing Shana’s height to a mailbox is almost blasphemy

Overall, I think Taiga is the biggest on this chart, just ask her about it


Previous character chart post


Cutest is Shortest, Anime Character Height Chart

Love finding charts that has information relevant to anime character’s personal information like height, weight etc. because you can relate it to real life and create a conversation starting point (Source)



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  • no japanese audio for the new Saint Seiya anime. Really netflix, doing a fine job to make me not watch it lol 1 hour ago
  • oof, the new Twitter design looks like discount Facebook. gross 1 day ago
  • @YonGin26272424 just make cancer, as in a Top Kizuna Ai songs obviously. 3 days ago
  • after 3 weeks of playing Gran Turismo Sport, i realize how much better i am at driving under Hood view and how shit…… 5 days ago
  • Turning your back and running is something I'd like to see removed from anybody's game. It's not even proper defense. #UFCSacramento 5 days ago

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