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Infinite Stratos ep 11: Review/ranting

WOW, I haven’t done an IS post in a while. Warning: I have no warning that could warn you from something deserving of a warning today…Oh wait, I do have a warning. I’m on a foul mood today and so this post is going to be 95% rant (lol).

Wait, it got nothing to with IS…Anyway moving on…

Reaction: Crap, the show has added transformation sequences! This is a bit late, don’t you think?

Go Pink Ranger!!

Focus on the center

Keep focusing on the center

Well he doesn't get a complete sequence hahaha

Ok, we have everyone thinking Houki will screw up the mission because she’s getting excited for having a new IS. Then an illegal fishing boat comes in forcing Ichika to save them and thus resulting in Houki demanding the moron to leave “those criminals” alone. Then the eternal moronic idealist brings his speech about Houki’s cold behavior towards those illegals which leads to Ichika being shut down. YES!!! HE GOT SHUT DOWN!!!!!! Best thing that ever happened on this show!!! Seriously, what is wrong with Houki exerting violence. One should always be true to oneself. I’m sure Saeko (High School of the Dead) can say the same. It’s a wrong direction to have Houki decide another way and belief to fight, especially since we haven’t seen her fight that often!!!!! Yes, talk about rushed. If you’re going to make her change her mindset, at least give her character development. The way how the show built her character is extremly poor. How is “being violent” is a good cause for being depressed? We do not have enough background story to understand her uneasyness. Sadly, she’s just uneasy with herself because it’s convenient for the show.

Not the Hair Band!!!!!!

Not hot


One of the things that really bothered me is that Ichika showed his generic annoying idealist yet again (the other time was when he fought the the valkyria system). The character that Ichika reminds me the most has to be Emiya Shiro aka the dude with the least unrealistic ideals (especially in the Unlimited Blade Works movie). What’s the point of heroic ideals if it puts your allies in danger? Let’s just save some illegal fisherman in the sea instead of destroying a super-dangerous robot going on rampage. Notice that boat wouldn’t be shot if Ichika went for the kill on the machine. One of the characteristics of those kind of idealists is that they believe their actions bring good even if they were to be shown the contrary.

Yup, Ichika is a moron

He's wrong!!!!

Crap, she's crying

Plus can anyone tell me why are they relying solely on the first year students to battle that machine? What’s the point of the teacher again? Oh right, surround an area. Oh wait an illegal boat trespassed. They’re utterly useless! In addition, as (and especially as) the show is most likely to come to an end, it seems that the 2nd and 3rd year students don’t even have any personal IS. It’s quite an amazing school (sarcasm).

Truly good

The positive part of this episode (besides Ichika being shut down) has to be the action sequence, though it was really nothing special. Moreover, the comedy is not existant at all. I guess it’s supposed to focus on Houki’s horrible sad face and depression for SEVERAL minutes which did nothing but make me fast forward this episode. IS without any kind of comedy is the equivalent of a serious Eddy Murphy movie (which doesn’t exist), not that I’m comparing the comedy in IS with Eddy Murphy. Score: a generous 4/10.


Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 10: It’s back!

Warning: the proofread function seems to be fucking up for the moment. I’m too lazy to do it myself. Also, you can expect a Spring 2011 Season preview at the beginning of April.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? newest episode came in at the right time as I was out of ideas on what to write last week with all the delayed releases caused by the desaster in Japan. It’s good to see most anime series are coming back this week. After two weeks, Ayumu is still a piece of shit in Sera’s mind and is now BLOWN UP to piece.

I believe I can Fly


Well, let’s see…This episode was definitly another touching and sad one. Seriously, I want the sad ost on my Ipod. Well let’s recap what happened during this episode. Yuu disappeared and everyone has been searching for her for months time. During that time, our favorite Vampire Ninja, Sera, has been considered a traitor to her vampire ninja clan for refusing to kill Yuu. This episode seems to be the worst day for Sera and Ayumu to say the least. Sera has been beat up 3 times during this episode. This definitly sucks for her.

Damn you vampires.

Eucliwood (yuu) apparently went to the underworld to hide, then came back only to be taken by the other zombie. Then Ayumu and Haruna found them, but the interruption of the 2 vampire ninja clans caused our zombie antagonist to take Yuu and escape. We start to see the motives of the zombie dude. He seems to desire his own death. I guess being an immortal would bore you, though he’s obviously a douchebag which proves that I was wrong to think he was yandere (lol). I’m still waiting for a yandere character. This show has been filling out with several tsundere. I can’t even count them all. GET A YANDERE!!!!


The comedy itself was definitly limited compared to the other episodes. We only had a few insults from sera, Haruna’s stomach needing food at the zombie dude’s house and the parasite bomb segment. Seriously, we didn’t even see Ayumu’s delusional fantasies. Surprise, no abused perversion!!!!!!!! I’m not even sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I kinda miss the usual style that Kora Wa Zombie usually gives off, but it’s good to have a change after a while, that is if the show isn’t going to end in 12-13 episodes which would be truly sad…more sad than the whole Yuu being away from a sis-con pervert like Ayume. Under common sense sense, that wouldn’t be sad, but the show never had any common sense what-so-ever anyway. My biggest disappointment is that the yellow thing turned out to be just a regular kappa doll. Silly, I know. I was always under impression that this thing was a living being like a hidden fairy (haha) or an actual kappa.

It's just a toy...NOOOOOOOOOO

This bomb is trolling

Decent on the entertainment level, Good on the sadness part…I guess this episode gets 7/10, but Tomonori’s face gets a 10/10

The shock of the episode:

Haruna is wearing more clothes than ever!!!!!


Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 8 knowing that I skipped the 3 last ones

OMG, I ended writing about Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Wait, why didn’t I do a post for episode 5, 6, 7? For that answer, I’ll have to explain to you the String Theory first…(after a long explanation skipped)… It was simply because I was too lazy and I had little time. So I spend this remaining hour of free time to finally make yet another perverted Kore Wa Zombie post.

And so…

Oh yeah, it’s a bit of an old news since it’s from last episode, but EFFING Ayumu got a new wife. Seriously, he can get a wife, but he’ll never be able to get the girls to call him “Onii-chan”.

This is YOUTH!!!

Main Desire: I want those glasses. I WANT THEM!!!!

Respect to Shakespeare


LOL I just love Sera

Main Reaction: Is there a fight between IS and Zombie Desu Ka?

It seems to me that both shows are competing each other on how much girls can the protagonist get on his harem. There seems to be another girl who likes Ayumu or at the very least hints toward that possibility. She is in the ending segment which is something that I haven’t noticed before this episode (lol). So, I guess she’ll take part of the harem.


This episode was really about the joining of new “wife”, Yuki Yoshida (real name) aka Mael Storm (vampire ninja name) aka Tomonori (nickname), into the Ayumu super Harem. I definitely prefer her over Haruna considering she’s less bitchy. I’ve separated the ep mainly into a few major parts.

WOW I wish I had a girlfriend that would wear this for me

First, Yuki is learning how to like Ayumu and how to make him like her. It already seems to me that she already likes him which makes her a girl in denial.


Second, Ayumu and his harem having fun and going shopping. I fell off my chair when I saw Seraphim trying the cat ears and imitating a cat (OMG KAWAII). That was one of the top moment in that episode.


Third, Haruna is getting jealous, impatient and… horny. She wants Ayumu. However, she’s the least likely to be Ayumu’s favorite. You know who’s his favorite chick or, I should say, his favorite Imouto. I’d say “poor Haruna”, but I just like the other characters better.

Watch out for rapists

OMG LOL, Ayumu is being raped by Haruna.

Fourth, Yuu’s former zombie aka the “main(?)” antagonist appeared and our necromancer-chan disapeared bringing drama back to the show. I got to say that the dude just looks like Ayumu. They’d be fit to be brothers or should I say the Lolicon Brothers. It does explain why Yuu is so attached to Ayumu. She can’t seem to forget that former zombie she made. I still predict that the dude is a yandere. For some reasons, It would be convenient (lol).

The Villain...

Anyone noticed the change in Yuu’s Imouto voice inside Ayumu fantasies in that episode? It seems so much mature and so much of a turn-off. Adult Voice in a loli body…Even if it’s a fantasy, it sucks (lol).
I want to the cute Imouto voice back!!!!

That was a very fun episode overall. 8.5/10


IS ep 8: Ichika as a Wife/Let’s bring the birth to the “houki face”

Warning: I’m still looking for staff…Fuck

Primary Reaction: Why Laura Why?!?!?!?!

Let’s recap that episode. It starts with a fun fight between team Houki-Laura and Ichika-Charles. Houki is quickly disposed which is quite sad. Laura is being double-team and starts losing. She loses control of her IS and transforms…Blah Blah Blah…Ichika saves her…Charles re-transfers as a girl with the name Charlotte…Laura comes in and kisses Ichika to declare marriage. I just loved the facial reaction of Houki. The Houki face has potential to rival against the legendary Cornette Face (known to be used several times on Botchamania).


Laura didn’t take long to get out of the “Yan” mode, assuming that she was more of a yandere than a tsundere. But I got to say, between Ichika and Laura, I’m pretty Laura would be the one wearing the pants in the relationship (lol)…Oh wait She did declare that Ichika would be her “wife”. Yes, her “WIFE”. I checked a translator to be sure (lol). 8 episodes have passed and the main character already gains 5 chicks in his senseless harem. All he needs in his harem is a Megane-shoujo.

It was quite a fun episode that ended with a laughable moment. 8/10


30-sai no Hoken Taiiku to promote condom (LOL WTF)

Oh god, this is the second condom post on this blog. HAHA

According to ANN, the staff for the soon-to-be premiered anime aka 30-sai No Hoken Taiiku aka “watch this if you’re a 30-years-old virgin” is taking requests from condom maker companies (LOL) for commercial ads or on-screen promotion. This news is making me LMAO. Seriously, this anime’s concept is already awesomely creepy!!

Don’t miss it!! It premiers on April 2011.

Remember: Oppai is Justice!!!!!!!!


Upcoming HOTD Volume 7 BD OVA Swimsuit Edition Shots

The upcoming release of “HOTD” (High School of The Dead) Volume 7 BD in April will bring with it a OVA of new anime beach content. I don’t think this series needs more bewbs, but if it makes you money…….

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Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 4: A First Kick

It’s yet another Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? post from me, myself and I. This lazy and nearly moronic post is brought you by: Spongubobuu!! Yes, I pass the blame on him.

Episode 4 was pretty much a great episode and thus I’ll start with the bad point. Hmmm wait; there is a lack of transition between the scene where Yuu cries and the one with the megallo fight. Even though it looked more on purpose, I thought it wasn’t well done. In addition, the masou shoujo transformation from Ayumu remains a burn to my eyes.

Kawaii Haruna-chan!!

OMG She's sparkling!!!

Yummy, Haruna's cooking

In this episode, we get the most touching moment of the series where Yuu cried after explaining her situation to Ayumu. She can’t speak because her magic powers are too strong for her to control. Poor Yuu ❤

Oh yeah did I say Masou Shoujo Ayumu turned into a Super Masoujin? It was funny to see Ayumu do a pink power up and upgrade to an even cuter suit (lol). Plus, the masou shoujo finally did a KICK!!!!!!!!!!

Even Goku can't beat that

OMG It's a KICK!!!!!!

Oh yeah, Twin Tail Girl is dead (lol). Was it murder or was it suicide? Who knows…not that it matters to me considering I don’t have a twin tail fetish :p The one character I didn’t expect to die was the newly introduced Doberman, Cerberus!! WHY?!?! A talking demon dog is what I wanted on this show!!



NO!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP in the dog heaven

BTW, I’ve been wondering about this:


I give this episode a 8/10. Now I need some Morning Rescue!!


[C] Control: The Money Of Soul And Possibility PV

Here is a trailer of an interesting Spring 2011 show that didn’t seem to get much hype or talk. It kinda feels like the Matrix a little bit.

Summary: The Japanese government was rescued from the brink of financial collapse by the Sovereign Wealth Fund. For its citizens, however, life has not improved, and unemployment, crime, suicide, and despair are rampant. Kimimaro, raised by his maternal grandmother after the disappearance of his father and the death of his mother, is a scholarship student whose only dream is to avoid all this and live a stable life. One day, however, he meets a man who offers him a large sum of money if he’ll agree to pay it back. From then on his fate is radically altered as he’s drawn into a mysterious area known as “The Financial District.”


Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 3

This post about the 3rd episode of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? is brought you by:

Masked Ayumu

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? brings you another chick into the story and most importantly into our super-zombie main character’s harem life.

Here is the twin-tail girl, Kyoko!!!

I don't get what people like about Twin-tails though

Even though Ayumu doesn’t seem to notice something unusual about her except having big boobs and a twin-tail, Kyoko seems to be quite suspicious on the matter the serial killing case. It seems to me that the anime is hinting her to be the culprit and the one who killed Ayumu, considering this show has a tremendous outside similarity to Higurashi in term of character designs. It wouldn’t surprising someone inside the main character or the main pervert circle of friends is the culprit. A few elements that make Kyoko suspicious is that she goes crying to ayumu describing the killer to be a group of individuals looking like Hellscythe-dono, she has a wooden sword and chances are that there is a katana blade inside hidden. It seems to me, she was purposely clinging into Ayumu and was waiting for him to say more details about Hellscythe to easily pass the blame on her.

Does every chick on the show have a weapon? lol

After 3 episode, we finally confirm this little yellow thing isn’t a toy but is a living creature (LOL). However, I still want to know what the hell is that thing?!?!?!?!

Unknown Thing welcomes you to the Mahjong Parlour

What The...

I’m pretty sure Elizabeth isn’t too happy.

The main portion of this episode has been focused Haruna, Hellscythe and Seraphim battling each other for the right to eat the last pudding. It was fun to see haruna play Jenga with the chainsaw, Hellscythe pull an impossible mahjong combo and Seraphim playing twister (hehe). Yes, I know it’s not much of a story. However, I do praise the cameraman for making such great shots. That was definitely a guilt-pleasure kind of thing.


We only need a few pantsu shots

Facial Shots really don't matter

The other notable element of the episode is that Ayumu’s friend, Orito, is, personality-wise, Ayumu Aikawa’s botched clone. This time, Ayumu isn’t the one fantasizing about the girls. It’s that pervy buddy’s turn!! Seriously, the whole fantasy thing is starting to become stale. PLEASE and I mean ONEGAI!!!!!, put something NEW!!! It’s not new even though someone else is doing it.

LOL moment: Jealousy

Orito Fantasy: Something new please?

It was an okay episode: 7/10 at best.


Infinite Stratos Ep 3: The secret behind Ichika

Warning: This post is more vulgar than any post I’ve done. Don’t go flagging on me or something.

I have finally understood how is Ichika able to control an IS. After 3 episode of this show, I came up with the conclusion that Ichika was born with 2 genitalia and got surgery to get rid of his pussy!!!!

Exhibit A:

I’m utterly disappointed in Ichika as the main character of a harem. He goes to an All-Girl School. He’s popular as hell to the point he’s a chick magnet on the show. However, the problem is that he’s too passive to the point that his penis seems to be inactive for 90% of the show.

Exhibit B:

Houki is changing and Ichika doesn't intend to peep

Exhibit C:

Let’s not forget the first episode during the roommate moment where Ichika feared the big boobs of the other chicks outside the room.


All 3 exhibits helps to prove, if he didn’t have 2 genitals at birth, that he’s certainly less than a man.

Wait…Why am I doing this? Oh yeah, the 3rd episode was simply useless and bland. There wasn’t much to say. We just get another chick, called Fan Rinin, appearing as the 2nd childhood friend of Ichika. As you can expect, she’s incredibly horny and wants him but the dude seems to fail noticing the “amazingly so” obvious signs that she gives off. *PS: Her name does sound really MOE for some reasons. Plus, the conflict during Ichika and Rin was simply too retarded.

Fan Rinin: Her name is MOE

According to the first 2-3 min of the first episode, there’s still a few chicks left to enter Ichika’s harem and one of them who had an eye patch sounded really cute and silly which kinda make me say “huh”.

Honestly, Cecilia already going “dere” was pretty much disappointing. For me, it killed off her character. Reaction: Facepalm

This episode gets a 5.5/10.



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