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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou Opening by Lm.C

While I do feel that the singing and the tune both seem to be a complete misfit with each other, it does make the anime look a bit shounen than Season 1.

I’m still waiting for someone to sub Nurarihyon no Mago latest episode. FASTER!!


Beelzebub OP3 and ED3: wow it’s still going on lol

With the 3rd Opening and Ending songs, the anime is officially entering its 3rd season much to my surprise. Considering how bad half of the 23 past episodes were, I was thinking that Studio Pierrot just dropped the balls with the series and wanted to end the show. It turned out that they are currently under the false impression that they’re doing greatly. The success to Beelzebub is pretty much credited to the greatness of the manga and not the anime. Maybe I’m being too harsh on the anime. Who knows? I’ve skipped the fillers and I’m started to feel disconnected to the anime. I’m also annoyed at how no one gets a single smooth action motion and at the 70-80’s style of putting a board – saying “Punch”, “Kick”, etc…- everytime Oga attacks. Well, it’s the St-Ishiyama arc which will allow guys like Furuichi and Kanzaki to rightfully shine and not be buried…assuming that Studio Pierrot’s staff isn’t on drug.

BTW, when you think that Beelzebub finally start getting a decent opening, a bad rock song appears. The ending songs are pretty good, even though I don’t like how the videos deform or reform the female characters’ look.


Detective Conan OP 31: Don’t Wanna Lie by B’Z

Seriously, 31 opening songs already…I really wonder how this show survived this long. LOL


Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou trailer

The trailer looks more shounen-like than the first season. Studio Deen needs to deliver on season 2, because it covers the best part of the manga. Season 1 was really bad and the manga is kinda losing its popularity in the Weekly Shounen Jump. Another bad season would just murder the manga series.

The opening song will not be performed by Monkey Majik. This time, it will be LM.C!! (source)


New PV: Core Pride by UVERworld (Ao No Exorcist op)

We have a new release from UVERworld! Good song in a good show.


Kokoro no Hane by Akb 48 (Live Concert version)

Remember that song? It was the Dragon Ball Kai’s 3rd ending theme.


This guy is a real Perfume fan LOL

Don’t be homeless!!!!!!



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