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Beelzebub OP3 and ED3: wow it’s still going on lol

With the 3rd Opening and Ending songs, the anime is officially entering its 3rd season much to my surprise. Considering how bad half of the 23 past episodes were, I was thinking that Studio Pierrot just dropped the balls with the series and wanted to end the show. It turned out that they are currently under the false impression that they’re doing greatly. The success to Beelzebub is pretty much credited to the greatness of the manga and not the anime. Maybe I’m being too harsh on the anime. Who knows? I’ve skipped the fillers and I’m started to feel disconnected to the anime. I’m also annoyed at how no one gets a single smooth action motion and at the 70-80’s style of putting a board – saying “Punch”, “Kick”, etc…- everytime Oga attacks. Well, it’s the St-Ishiyama arc which will allow guys like Furuichi and Kanzaki to rightfully shine and not be buried…assuming that Studio Pierrot’s staff isn’t on drug.

BTW, when you think that Beelzebub finally start getting a decent opening, a bad rock song appears. The ending songs are pretty good, even though I don’t like how the videos deform or reform the female characters’ look.


Beelzubub Chapter 113: I’ve seen it all now

The saga between Kunieda and Hilda continues as Kunieda tries to catch Oga’s body and Hilda tries to get Baby Beel who resides in it.

The most bizarre moment in Beelzebub has occurred:

LOL, it really feels that Aoi has started to become a rival for Hilda for the wrong reason:

Furuichi’s face says everything. I’m really disappointed at how the anime make him look like an overly perverted loser but in truth he’s a lucky mastermind (while being a bit pervert) who as brings in common sense into the group of the characters.

Tamura Ryohei obviously trolled in that chapter. Pretty funny how Oga and Beelzebub switching bodies would have been relevant to the story for a while, but in one page, the problem has already been resolved like nothing happened. Nonetheless, Beelzebub keeps me wanting to know what happens next, whether or not it will be a story or a comedy chapter.


Beelzebub: First Episode

The highly expected Beelzebub finally made its debut!! I said it already and I shall repeat it: A badass delinquent + a naked baby = Brilliant.

DABUH!!! (Piss Break!!)

Here is the highly rock op:

Beelzebub will most likely become the funniest anime of the season. The main formula of this show is that there is no formula/pattern. Everything is random. The first episode did well to demonstrate the character of Oga Tatsumi. He is a kind-hearted and popular hand-some young man…Ok who am I kidding? He is the devilish and badass delinquent who possesses demonic sense of humour (lol). That’s what differentiate from the typical shounen show. The main character isn’t usually awesome. The show will rely a lot on the awesomeness of a lot of characters. Trust me, I’ve read the manga. The animation is well done even though it is a bit cartoonish at times.

Name: Oga Tatsumi, Occupation: The Tyrant you should be kneeling before.

The things I liked the most on that episode are the sarcastic narration of Oga, the demon lord’s rough schedule, the facial reactions, the contradiction that Furuichi being on a 120% delinquent school and Baby Beel’s hilarious reactions.

Name: Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, Nickname: Baby Beel, Occupation: Demon Lord

How much greater can a demon lord get when he just decides to kill humanity for the sake of killing humanity while playing on his PSP? Humanity was saved by a chupacabra hunting bus-tour and a 10000 day mahjong tournament lol. If you’re too busy, send your newly born baby son for the job. It’s always the solution.

Green Demonic PSP lol

I assure you the randomness has barely started. 9/10

Name: Hilda, Occupation: Wet nurse, Kawaii level: OVER 9000!!

A truly kind-hearted young man... lol


Beelzebub Preview

Finally, the preview came out lol The New World Oga will finally start the plan for world domination.



Exams over!!

I’ve finally finished my exams. And damn i believed I have screwed up my Linear Algebra exam…crap.

Came back home and Nurarihyon no Mago is near its end (YAY)!!! I couldn’t be more happy to see such a lame anime will stop to ruin the manga series. Day Rikuo and Night Rikup both failed in the anime in my opinion. The day form was too serious and not naive enought. The night form was also too serious and not bad-ass and pimp enough. Those 2 personalities were altered from the manga. There was a total lack of comic relief in order to bring more mystic. I would call this the failed version of Ghost Hunt.

Beelzebub chapter 89: “LOL” moments in that chapter. Oga has now been renamed “Bitch ass pussy” Oga after having dream about being in court (Judge: Furuichi) for losing too much lately.


What to expect in winter 2011 for anime?

*This is a pre-preview guide for winter 2011*

It would seem to me that the number of shows I’m willing to check out and the number of shows I’m sticking to the end are decreasing every year. We’re getting good shows as frequently as WWE Monday Night RAW is having a good wrestling episode.

Then again Ric Flair would wish TNA wouldn’t be crap:

I’m looking at the current Winter 2011 anime charts and I’m only willing to check about 5-6 anime tv series and I’m 95% sure that I’m sticking to probably only 3 of them (Beelzebub, Kimi ni Todoke season II and Freezing). Others like Wolverine, Gosick and Supernatural got my attention but Supernatural might be the only one I’m going through the end since I’ve read the Gosick manga (it wasn’t great nor bad) and the Ironman anime wasn’t interesting which resulted in me not trusting in marvel and madhouse doing a great job.

Studio Deen is releasing 3 anime series next season: Starry Sky, Is This a Zombie? and Dragon Crisis. I don’t know why this studio is still even on business. You’d think after doing Giant Killing that they’ve started to go on a better direction but then they dropped the balls by making a great epic failure with Nurarihyon no Mago. I don’t know how badly they could have handled Nurarihyon no Mago which by the way is a cool shounen manga series. Read the manga but don’t ever bother with the anime. Dragon Crisis and Is This a Zombie? both seem weak and I don’t have a concrete idea about Starry Sky but looks like it will be a reverse harem which mostly likely will become a minus.

Not too sure what to think about Wandering Son. It will be produced by AIC which is a studio where you need to do Head or Tail in order to know if they’ll make a good series. The ratio between their good and bad shows is about 1:1. I’m not too impressed with the plot considering it doesn’t seem to fit with what I’ve seen of the art from the anime poster which makes it look like a serious slice of life anime. The problem is that the plot is about a boy is being mistaken as a girl. What AIC is animated apparently is a series trying to be serious romance with a silly premise. I smell a contradiction.

In the TV series section, Anime seems weaker for this next season.

The more positive part of winter 2011 is probably on the Movies and OVA section. Kara no Kyoukai is having its epilogue. KnK is just a series that’s amazing. If it ever hit the North American market, I’M FREAKING BUYING the dvds or blu-rays!! Mirai Nikki will come out as an OVA; The wait has really been long. It’s such a great seinen manga. REALLY GLAD to see an anime adaptation. Then there’s the 3D movies for Toriko and One Piece. Much to my surprise, Toriko still does not have an anime tv series. It’s been ranking high on the Weekly Shounen Jump ranking along with the Naruto-Bleach-One Piece series.

Expect me to do a much more complete preview guide before the new season starts.


Beelzebub chapter 82: The Crybaby Brothers

Summary: Toujou prepares to fight Izuma, while Oga and Others discuss with En, Baby Beel older brother, and his wet nurses about the end of the world which ended up delayed after the En was defeated by a zombie video game and decided that he needed to buy the newer human video games. The wet nurses warns Oga that Behemoth, in which we learn that it’s a military division serving the demon lord, will be going after his and Baby Beel’s life.
I thought that the chapter was pretty funnny, especially when the world was saved by none other than the PS2!! Not the PS3, but the Motherf***ing PS2!! HELL YEAH!! It was nice to see references of older Gaming systems like Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and even THE GAMEBOY!!

The story really starts to become more focused on Demons now. And also one has to wonder if Oga will ever confront the Demon King who’s really really REALLY random.
Also, i’m looking forward to the Izuma vs Toujou fight. That Izuma is still a mysterious person who knows about the demons.

Really solid chapter; Ratings: 7/10



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