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First Impression: Rio – Rainbow Gate!

Rio – Rainbow Gate! first episode was pretty decent at best. Seems like the show is focused on the daily life adventure of Rio as a popular dealer of a casino. There was nothing truly impressive about the show in my opinion. On my preview guide post, I said it could be a fun fan-service anime. So far, the element of “fun” wasn’t really there. There is some fan-service, but the level of entertainment wasn’t quite high enough.

She is the busty main character and she is totally steals Yugi Moto’s Heart of The Card technique (lol). She’s nicknamed “The Goddess of Victory” and she makes the people around here win which is kinda kills the idea of a real casino that is “win once but lose hundreds of time”, but I guess, since she’s busty, people loves her and thus brings more casino customers.

The comedy element was a little bit weak. I really hope that second episode will be better. The first one wasn’t bad but wasn’t good either. I won’t keep up with the show if it doesn’t get good at episode 3 or 4. Rating: 5.5/10



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