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Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou Opening by Lm.C

While I do feel that the singing and the tune both seem to be a complete misfit with each other, it does make the anime look a bit shounen than Season 1.

I’m still waiting for someone to sub Nurarihyon no Mago latest episode. FASTER!!


Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou trailer

The trailer looks more shounen-like than the first season. Studio Deen needs to deliver on season 2, because it covers the best part of the manga. Season 1 was really bad and the manga is kinda losing its popularity in the Weekly Shounen Jump. Another bad season would just murder the manga series.

The opening song will not be performed by Monkey Majik. This time, it will be LM.C!! (source)


Quick Look at Summer 2011


So far, just by looking, the things that seems pretty good are:
-Natsume Yuujinchou San
-Usagi Drop
-Kamisama Dolls

The “Meh, I don’t know” stuffs are:
-Sacred Seven
-Dantalian no Shoka
-Kami no Memo-chou
-Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

In need for redemption:
-Nurarihyon no Mago (season 2)

Well, without a doubt that Natsume Yuujinchou is one of my favorite slice of life anime. The anime has done a better job with the youkai parts than Nurarihyon no Mago who failed to look like a good shounen anime in its first season. The main error of the anime of NnM was it tried to look mystical rather than cool like the manga.

I actually want to see IDOLM@STER to succeed (lol). Why? It might just open the door for a AKB48 anime in the future. Pfft…as if I actually cared about IDOLM@STER.

Dantalian no Shoka is made by the creator of Asura Cryin’. The pic looks cool, but the creator of Asura Cryin’? That’s a negative point already. Well, since it already put down my expectation to “LOW”, the surprise level could be good.

I’ve read the single chapter of Kami no Memo-chou on scanlations. It looks cute. Her solving power comes from the internet AKA The Power of NEET!! At the very least, it looks better than Gosick (lol). But seriously, there’s not a lot of Detective series I liked, beside Detective Conan and Q.E.D. – Shoumei Shuuryou (seriously WTF, the manga been running since 1997 and no anime? FUCK THIS).

Blood-C…it’s the Blood series…Nuff Said.

I have read about 7 manga chapters of Usagi Drop. God Damn It!! It’s was unbelievably charming! This will be one of the best heart warmers of summer 2011.

In Kamisama Dolls, well, it just looks fun (lol). We have a little sister type of characters. There is some supernatural stuff and some gore. 2 types of trailers has been released. One hinted the show would be cute and the other hinted violence and a dark tone in the series which is intriguing.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée…Jap little girl in France. It looks cute but the animation does everything to remind of the borefest that was Gosick. From the preview, the theme of the show seems to be friendship…meh.

Sacred Seven…Super Heroes in high school + monsters + moe + mecha…IDK, it might not mix well. The chance of this anime being good is the same of it being crappy.

No.6 might look gay, but I’ve read the first chapter of the manga and I actually enjoyed it. I find it similar to Fractale in some ways, but much more interesting for the reason that it wasn’t as silly as Fractale. The tone seems a bit more darker consistently.

So far, Summer 2011 doesn’t look half bad. I can’t wait to know what else will this next season have.


Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter 137: The Toilet Youkai

Summary: The Nura clan is on New Year holiday having a party. Natto Youkai and company found a painting of Karasu-Tengu’s wife. Maki (one of the Kiyutsugu squad chick) is being hunted by a pervy toilet youkai. Karasu-Tengu and his 3 sons, tagged along by Natto and others, come back to their home in Mount Takao. We meet his wife, Nuregarasu, who happens to be too hot for him. Karasu-Tenge got beat up by his wife for not coming home often. The end.

I need a drink

Reaction: Facepalm

Technically, nothing really happened. Then again, nothing happens in any shounen jump series at the moment. This chapter is as useful as the Tsurara Hyakki Yakou build-up arc. It introduces characters that may or may not be useful in the future. The latter seems more likely. I really just want the series to go back to a story arc.

The only thing new we discover is the reason why Karasu-Tenge has shrunk so much. He gets beat up so much that he ends up losing his “Fear” every time he goes home and we know how much important “Fear” is for youkai’s powers in the series.

I doubt Karasu-Tenge is wearing the pants in that relationship

The toilet youkai was really a fail, not even deserving the words “Epic Fail”. He peeps in Maki when she’s taken a piss and ends up losing his head due to an incantation that Maki learnt to defend herself against him. And why does the serious character is the most dangerous when drunk. It feels that was really too generic of a moment in anime/manga even for Gyukki.

Oh Snap

This chapter was very “meh”. 5/10


A few good japanese songs that entered my ipod

I’ve been working on my Anime Winter 2011 guide today…still working on it…became depressed because of the lack of good shows. And so I’ve decided to do a positive post today lol.

I’m pretty much going through a few of the recent songs I’ve added on my iPod and iPhone.

1) Key by Daisuke One from Psychic Detective Yakumo
2) Sunshine by Monkey Majik from Nurarihyon no Mago
3) Last Inferno by Ceui from Legend of the Legendary Heroes
4) Egao no Mahou by Magic Party from Fairy Tail
5) No Buts! by Kawada Mami from To Aru Majutsu no Index II
6) Blue Bird by Kobukuro from Bakuman
7) LAMENT ~Yagate Yorokobi wo~ by Yuuki Aira from Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Nurarihyon 2nd season green-lit

Nurarihyon no Mago will have a second season !!! (source: ANN)

Surprising to me to see that there’s gonna be a second season considering the anime has been outrageously lame and poorly adaptated. I guess the reason for a return was caused by the successful manga volume selling that ranked 9th this year (source: Oricon).

The 2nd season will most likely, if Studio Deen doesn’t screw up, cover from the Jamie Arc and to the Kyoto arc.


Exams over!!

I’ve finally finished my exams. And damn i believed I have screwed up my Linear Algebra exam…crap.

Came back home and Nurarihyon no Mago is near its end (YAY)!!! I couldn’t be more happy to see such a lame anime will stop to ruin the manga series. Day Rikuo and Night Rikup both failed in the anime in my opinion. The day form was too serious and not naive enought. The night form was also too serious and not bad-ass and pimp enough. Those 2 personalities were altered from the manga. There was a total lack of comic relief in order to bring more mystic. I would call this the failed version of Ghost Hunt.

Beelzebub chapter 89: “LOL” moments in that chapter. Oga has now been renamed “Bitch ass pussy” Oga after having dream about being in court (Judge: Furuichi) for losing too much lately.



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