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Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 2

Warning: Being back to school made me lazy for some reasons.

First of all, after 2 episodes, the biggest and the most important question has yet to be answered:

What in the blue hell is on Yuu's shoulder?!?!?!?!

Second of all:

Was this panty shot really necessary?

Third of all:

Ayumu cries and runs like a chick

In my opinion, this is simply the #1 candidate for the best anime of the season, besting Beelzebub and Level E. Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka? continues to keep its weirdness to a high level destroying the barrier of common sense.

In that new episode, we get a new chick that will enter Ayumu’s harem life. She is a vampire ninja called Seraphim aka Sera. Like the other 2 chicks, she’s a tsundere, but highly more on “tsun” side. It’s might get tiresome to have another chick living in the main characters house, but we can’t have a harem group without a big-boobs girl considering Yuu (Eu) and Haruna are flat chested. I found the delusions of Ayumu to be funny. Seraphim looks too old to act like his little sister. LOL I wonder why Ayumu is so obsessed to have every moe girls to him “onii-chan”.

This guy seriously needs help

Here is a picture of Sera and DO focus on the center:


Our necromancer, Eucliwood Hellscythe aka Yuu (Eu), is discovered to have a soft side, especially for Ayumu. She slapped Haruna when the masou-shoujo told Ayumu to die
in a casual way.

Bitch Slap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of laugh at Yuu and Ayumu first meeting where the dude just break dances to get her attention and breaks his wrist in a failed move, but succeeds to befriend her.



We can say this: Studio Deen finally and mean finally produced a good anime. But don’t expect to do that next season, since their next anime project is a Yaoi series.



Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? First Episode: Scarred for life/ROFL/WTF

The opening song is as good as the show is weird (lol):

“Scarred for Life”, “ROFL” and “WTF” are the thoughts I had while watching this anime. The comedy of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka is very unorthodox, disturbing, but at the same time deadly funny. Kaibutsu Oujo meets Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. This anime is way better than your average “bore-me-to-death” anime from Studio Deen.

I wonder how he manages to survive school trips.

During the first 2 minutes, the tone takes a drastic change from normal and typical to random and weird. I was on WTF mode when the main character, Aikawa Ayumu (that’s a very girly name lol), says “Oh- I’m a zombie” just before being hit by a truck. At the moment before he was going to get hit, I was thinking, “Meh, this is the typical moment where he’ll become a zombie”. Then the twist came to shock me which succeeded to get my attention. Ayumu’s persona goes from the “normal kid” to the revenger to the “heroic dude” and to the “sis-con”. It makes the show quite dynamic.

Disturbed at the gay monster

The typical part of this anime is the “Guy lives with several chicks” element. But you got to say that Ayumu’s sis-con perception of Eucliwood Hellsythe is pretty funny. She doesn’t speaks, thus she communicates with notes saying she wants food. However our delusional main character imagines her as a little sister going “Onii-chan, daisuki desu” mode.

Even I have such fantasms

Gintama reference: Elizabeth, What The Hell Is That?

The most “pure win” element of this series is Haruna, the masou-shoujo or whatever It supposed to mean. She reminds me of Rena from Higurashi and I soooo don’t know why (sarcasm). She’s a magical girl with chainsaw (lol) who turns naked whenever she fails to use her magical powers right. It’s a nice bait for the crazy otaku or weirdos.

For The Win or at least For My Win

Mystletainn Kick!!! wait that's not a kick!!

The moment I got scarred for life is that Ayumu actually turns into a masou-shoujo and damn that was ugly. This is the reason why I avoid going to conventions. The panty shots were unbelievably disturbing.

0.o I'm slightly disturbed. Am I in an anime-con?


Gay Crabby Agrees

The first episode really was “impactful” as well as hilarious and thus gets a 9/10.


Anime Winter 2011 Season Preview

This is my Anime Winter 2011 Season Preview guide. After making this Guide, I realized that I’m willing to sit through a lot of crap. I believe that Spring 2011 will be much more enjoyable than Winter 2011. *sigh* Someone needs to pay me. Nonetheless, there are still some good shows out there.

Leave a comment about what anime you’ll watch.


Synopsis: Strong delinquent Oga (nicknamed Ogre, Demon, or “it’d be alright if he’d just die” by other delinquents) picks up a baby that turns out to be the son of the Great Demon King! Chosen to raise the baby until he’s in age of destroying mankind, together with the demon maid Hilda, they’re sure to make mankind die… of laughter!

The most awesome manga of 2009 is finally turning into an anime!! Long Live The New World Oga!!!! My winter will be complete with Beezebub. Naked Baby + Demonic Delinquent = Brilliant lol. Best Anime of 2011 candidate there.

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