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First Impression: Infinite Stratos

In a world where supposedly only women control mechanical bodies called IS, Ichika Orimura becomes the only man able to use an IS. He enrolls to an IS school and is the only boy there.

Infinite Stratos could be easily be compared to My-Otome, except that the main character is a male and the melodrama seems minimal.

Did Infinite Stratos impress or disappoint? I did say I was going to enjoy this kind of harem. I did enjoy the episode even though it’s been generic so far. The formula is the same: “Childhood friends + b00by joke segments => Tsundere Girl anger”. However, I do have a fetish with Tsundere girls haha. I show my disappointment that Ichika isn’t pervy enough. He’s too…normal persona-wise. A harem usually is better whenever the main guy is a little bit pervy.

On the good points, I thought I.S. was pretty solid. It didn’t have too much fan service. Actually, the number of b00by moment was limited to one. The series doesn’t seem to go on the stupid comedy side. The action doesn’t look bad either. Strike Witch failed because it seemed too silly.

I give it a 7/10. It’s simply a fun anime. I suggest you check it out. Who knows? You might like it.

Memorable Segment:

Generic Moment

Anger Moment: "OH shit he pissed her off"

LOL moment: Defend yourself with her bra

PS: The opening is nice.



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