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Infinite Stratos episode 12: The end

Well there is my last IS post. I got to say that I’m going to miss the show very much.

Damn that lucky bastard

Warning: This episode proves the show does not make any sense, but you already knew.

Yet again, we have an episode where there isn’t a whole lot of sense. Honestly, the anime would be much better if it was spanned over 24 episodes instead of 12. Some historical information of this anime just conveniently appear randomly such as the White Knight and the Core Zero Zero. Seriously, a prelude should have been made before airing the actual series. We end up learning that Ichika’s IS Core has the ability to regenerate its master. Superb, but this is the last episode. It just happen to have this ability because it was convenient. Generic “Main Character to the rescue” time!!! Wait, we already have: MORNING RESCUE!!! Everything was really too rushed. For convenience (again), Tabane is the one who is the cause of everything in this show, from leading Ichika to an IS to making the Gospel go rampage. Great, she’s the new Sousuke Aizen (lol). Just as I planned 🙂

Hmmm, the unconscious Ichika is inside a world (generic moment). Two girls are talking to him. Oh snap, didn’t I see this a 100 times already in other anime series such as The Candidate For Goddess? One girl is a loli talking about some blah blah. The other is a tall chick in a IS armor asking if Ichika wants power. Under normal common sense, the loli girl is probably Ichika’s IS, Byakushiki, and the tall chick is a A.I. data based from the White Knight.

Relaxing in the generic world

Mystery Loli girl (*cough* ByakuShiki)

Do you want power? No, I'll go look for Kyubey for that.

The action sequence was actually excellent, except for the one part where the anime re-uses the same first 2 min of the first episode on this final episode, but it’s not much of a problem because of the entertaining fight. It took 12 ep for Ichika to actually win a mech fight (HAHAHA).

Now let’s talk about harem from this episode. We have Houki starting to get the lead from the rest of Team Harem. Yes, it’s too bad the show ended. Houki asked Ichika if he was aware that she is of the opposite sex. His answer was simply: “I guess.” From that answer, for me, it’s the equivalent of “No, however I just noticed that, so I’m going to say yes to save my own life.” The answer “I guess” is such a weak answer, especially when an unaware character like Ichika didn’t have much of a reaction to the question. However, he does make it up for the attempted kiss which was interrupted by the rest of Team Harem. Seriously ending the show with a bunch of girls wanting to kill the main character isn’t funny anymore.


Speaking of Wrong:


Wished Ichika had died in the last ep. Too bad we don't get what we wish for.

This episode gets a 8/10 for the action, a 3/10 for the originality, a 3/10 for the story (Since the storyline was never really good, it’s kinda a useless score haha. Oh Guilt Pleasure!), a 2/10 for the ending. P.S.: The Gospel’s power level is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!


Interesting Day With Infinite Stratos / Aria The Scarlet Ammo TBS Anime Pages

It’s April 1st in Japan and it seems that a few sites have been pulling tricks on unwary visitors like the people over on the Wagnaria site, but, it now seems that the TBS (Japan) website has switched around images for the anime “Infinite Stratos” and the upcoming Spring anime series “Aria The Scarlet Ammo

I’m so fine with Houki Shinonono being in Aria The Scarlet Ammo since she’s my favorite character from IS 🙂 (Source)


Infinite Stratos ep 11: Review/ranting

WOW, I haven’t done an IS post in a while. Warning: I have no warning that could warn you from something deserving of a warning today…Oh wait, I do have a warning. I’m on a foul mood today and so this post is going to be 95% rant (lol).

Wait, it got nothing to with IS…Anyway moving on…

Reaction: Crap, the show has added transformation sequences! This is a bit late, don’t you think?

Go Pink Ranger!!

Focus on the center

Keep focusing on the center

Well he doesn't get a complete sequence hahaha

Ok, we have everyone thinking Houki will screw up the mission because she’s getting excited for having a new IS. Then an illegal fishing boat comes in forcing Ichika to save them and thus resulting in Houki demanding the moron to leave “those criminals” alone. Then the eternal moronic idealist brings his speech about Houki’s cold behavior towards those illegals which leads to Ichika being shut down. YES!!! HE GOT SHUT DOWN!!!!!! Best thing that ever happened on this show!!! Seriously, what is wrong with Houki exerting violence. One should always be true to oneself. I’m sure Saeko (High School of the Dead) can say the same. It’s a wrong direction to have Houki decide another way and belief to fight, especially since we haven’t seen her fight that often!!!!! Yes, talk about rushed. If you’re going to make her change her mindset, at least give her character development. The way how the show built her character is extremly poor. How is “being violent” is a good cause for being depressed? We do not have enough background story to understand her uneasyness. Sadly, she’s just uneasy with herself because it’s convenient for the show.

Not the Hair Band!!!!!!

Not hot


One of the things that really bothered me is that Ichika showed his generic annoying idealist yet again (the other time was when he fought the the valkyria system). The character that Ichika reminds me the most has to be Emiya Shiro aka the dude with the least unrealistic ideals (especially in the Unlimited Blade Works movie). What’s the point of heroic ideals if it puts your allies in danger? Let’s just save some illegal fisherman in the sea instead of destroying a super-dangerous robot going on rampage. Notice that boat wouldn’t be shot if Ichika went for the kill on the machine. One of the characteristics of those kind of idealists is that they believe their actions bring good even if they were to be shown the contrary.

Yup, Ichika is a moron

He's wrong!!!!

Crap, she's crying

Plus can anyone tell me why are they relying solely on the first year students to battle that machine? What’s the point of the teacher again? Oh right, surround an area. Oh wait an illegal boat trespassed. They’re utterly useless! In addition, as (and especially as) the show is most likely to come to an end, it seems that the 2nd and 3rd year students don’t even have any personal IS. It’s quite an amazing school (sarcasm).

Truly good

The positive part of this episode (besides Ichika being shut down) has to be the action sequence, though it was really nothing special. Moreover, the comedy is not existant at all. I guess it’s supposed to focus on Houki’s horrible sad face and depression for SEVERAL minutes which did nothing but make me fast forward this episode. IS without any kind of comedy is the equivalent of a serious Eddy Murphy movie (which doesn’t exist), not that I’m comparing the comedy in IS with Eddy Murphy. Score: a generous 4/10.


Infinite Stratos ep 9: Beach/Siscon/loli

Hi Hi, Are you high? Seriously, I need a puff of weed. BTW, It’s friday, and so it’s time for my weekly boobalicious post that is Infinite Stratos. >.> As if my blog isn’t filled with perverted content anyway.

The show starts off with a new character: Houki’s onee-chan, Shinonome Tabane who will give Houki her personal IS. Don’t make me name that IS. It’s too much of a pain to go re-watch that scene.

Oh I am getting high

I love the cellphone bunny ears lol

Up until now, I haven’t noticed that Laura Bodewig had a loli body. It just shows how tough her character is. I’m pretty sure Ichika to be her wife (lol). She didn’t learn japanese properly, so that’s why Laura is calling Ichika his wife as she thinks that it is normal to call someone she loves her “wife” hahaha. Am I the only one who wants to be put into Laura’s naked armbar? This is so sexy.




Damn she's really a loli chick

The armbar is such a great pro wrestling maneuver. This is a move known to be part of the 1004 moves mastered by Chris Jericho (haha).

How bad is it to nickname a female friend, Char. I can see this is supposed to be a shot at Char from Gundam considering this is a mecha show too. Nonetheless, the nickname is way too manly for Charlotte. Seriously, you’re not supposed to recite Pi when a hot chick is changing next to you. Ichika should have taken a look.


Rin and Cicilia should make a great yuri duo, because you know they’re not gonna end up having him. Those two have developed a great chemistry together. Oh damn, I wanted to put oil on Cecilia.



Oh I love this scene

Do you remember when I was putting up theories in a previous post that Ichika is either a total moron, gay or a transsexual? I’m still right about him being a total moron, but I was proven wrong for the gay or transsexual part. Ichika is a siscon!! He’s into his sister!!!!!! Yes, his fucking sister!!!!!!!!! Then again, the show was really hinting to this part. Most of the time Ichika was getting his cool moments, it involved somehow Chifuyu. I’m not really a fan of a little bro getting on with his big sis, though I approve the Big bro with the little sis route (hehe).



It was a fun episode but It did lack some Houki fan service scenes. 8/10. Bye Bye, and get High!!!!!


IS ep 8: Ichika as a Wife/Let’s bring the birth to the “houki face”

Warning: I’m still looking for staff…Fuck

Primary Reaction: Why Laura Why?!?!?!?!

Let’s recap that episode. It starts with a fun fight between team Houki-Laura and Ichika-Charles. Houki is quickly disposed which is quite sad. Laura is being double-team and starts losing. She loses control of her IS and transforms…Blah Blah Blah…Ichika saves her…Charles re-transfers as a girl with the name Charlotte…Laura comes in and kisses Ichika to declare marriage. I just loved the facial reaction of Houki. The Houki face has potential to rival against the legendary Cornette Face (known to be used several times on Botchamania).


Laura didn’t take long to get out of the “Yan” mode, assuming that she was more of a yandere than a tsundere. But I got to say, between Ichika and Laura, I’m pretty Laura would be the one wearing the pants in the relationship (lol)…Oh wait She did declare that Ichika would be her “wife”. Yes, her “WIFE”. I checked a translator to be sure (lol). 8 episodes have passed and the main character already gains 5 chicks in his senseless harem. All he needs in his harem is a Megane-shoujo.

It was quite a fun episode that ended with a laughable moment. 8/10


IS Infinite Stratos EP 05: A bigger harem

More absurd than Mr. Anderson……Anderson being the TNA world champion, here comes the IS ep 5 post. Yes, I skipped episode 4 as there was nothing much about it but fighting scenes.

Houki going Dere

A new chick has been introduced!!!!!!…and her brother. Who cares about the brother anyway? The new girl is called Ran and she seems to be a middle schooler (a very developed one) considering she add “-san” to Ichika’s name. Yes, she’s another horny character. Seriously, she’s another proof that Ichika isn’t a man (lol). Just because of her character design, she’s my favorite female character of IS already haha.



A new chick has been introduced!!!!!!…oh wait Charles is a boy or, at the very least, a girl who’s obviously disguising as a man. He/She is Ichika’s newest roommate after Houki changed room which is sad. NOOOOOOO!!! It was pretty funny when Ichika held Charles’ hand and all the chicks are going “KYAH BL” mode.

CRAP!! Female Bait ALERT

A new chick has been introduced!!!!!!…wait what? Another one? Seriously, the harem group is growing waaayyyy too big over a really small period of time. At least, the new girl, Laura Bodewig, started off with a bitch slap on Ichika (serves him right) as she refuses to accept the fact he is Chifuyu’s little brother. I’m wondering what’s her relationship with Chifuyu. PS: Her boobs size is average.


Besides all these new character introductions, really there is nothing but the stereotypical anime moments with Ichika groping the green-haired teacher’s boobs and the 3 chicks in love fighting to have Ichika taste their food. Nothing new 😦

Fan Service Time

Nothing new is really happening. Only many little stereotypical harem stuffs are occurring which keeps the show on a stalemate. I’d like to see the story picking up with a little bit of serious drama. This show isn’t a great harem because the main male lead isn’t fit on this genre. So there is a need to make the show be more than just a harem. The drama coming off from Laura is obviously going to be washed off when she gets horny on Ichika. I give this episode a 6.5/10.


Infinite Stratos Ep 3: The secret behind Ichika

Warning: This post is more vulgar than any post I’ve done. Don’t go flagging on me or something.

I have finally understood how is Ichika able to control an IS. After 3 episode of this show, I came up with the conclusion that Ichika was born with 2 genitalia and got surgery to get rid of his pussy!!!!

Exhibit A:

I’m utterly disappointed in Ichika as the main character of a harem. He goes to an All-Girl School. He’s popular as hell to the point he’s a chick magnet on the show. However, the problem is that he’s too passive to the point that his penis seems to be inactive for 90% of the show.

Exhibit B:

Houki is changing and Ichika doesn't intend to peep

Exhibit C:

Let’s not forget the first episode during the roommate moment where Ichika feared the big boobs of the other chicks outside the room.


All 3 exhibits helps to prove, if he didn’t have 2 genitals at birth, that he’s certainly less than a man.

Wait…Why am I doing this? Oh yeah, the 3rd episode was simply useless and bland. There wasn’t much to say. We just get another chick, called Fan Rinin, appearing as the 2nd childhood friend of Ichika. As you can expect, she’s incredibly horny and wants him but the dude seems to fail noticing the “amazingly so” obvious signs that she gives off. *PS: Her name does sound really MOE for some reasons. Plus, the conflict during Ichika and Rin was simply too retarded.

Fan Rinin: Her name is MOE

According to the first 2-3 min of the first episode, there’s still a few chicks left to enter Ichika’s harem and one of them who had an eye patch sounded really cute and silly which kinda make me say “huh”.

Honestly, Cecilia already going “dere” was pretty much disappointing. For me, it killed off her character. Reaction: Facepalm

This episode gets a 5.5/10.



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