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Hōkago no Pleiades Anime Sequel in the Works…..?

Looks like there’s confidential meetings over at GAINAX about the future of “Hōkago no Pleiades“, the GAINAX x Subaru anime ONA that was released on YouTube

Hoping for a follow up with a series or movie because the ONA was basically GAINAX eye candy plus it didn’t flesh out the storyline. Getting Subaru to pony up some funding might be a challenge, especially, if they didn’t get a positive business bounce from “Hōkago no Pleiades” (Original Source)



Houkago no Pleiades Youtube Release (RAW)

From the Gainax-Subaru collaboration, here is Houkago no Pleiades.

First Part:

As I feel it would be pointless to show all of the 3 other parts because it’s RAW, I put up the link for those interested in watching them RAW.
P.S.: The main chick name is Subaru which is pretty funny.

Click Here for Part 2
Click Here for Part 3
Click here for part 4


Houkago no Pleiades PV2

This is the preview of the Gainax-Subaru anime that is called Houkago no Pleiades. I think I got the spelling right (LOL). I really have no idea what-so-ever the purpose of Subaru is in this anime.

Looks like after Madoka Magica from Shaft, we’ll get another well-animated magical girl anime, this time from Gainax. I’m not sure if it will be any good but, hey, you got Mio-chan in a magical girl costume. I only read that it’s going to be in ONA format set to release, on February 1st 2011, on Youtube.



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