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NHL Draft Tonight!! Go Habs Go

Well, The NHL draft is in a few hours and as always, I’m interested in mainly 2 things. Who’s the first 10 picks and which elite talent Trevor Timmins will miss to get for Montreal?

In the top 10, 5 players are pretty much assured to be drafted there. Obviously, they are Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (WHL), Adam Larsson (SWE), Jonathan Huberdeau (QMJHL), Gabriel Landeskog (OHL), Sean Couturier (QMJHL).

The Oilers are most likely going for Nugent-Hopkins. If not, I guess they could go for Adam Larsson since their defence lines are pretty bad (but they have 3 promising defensive prospects with Jeff Petry, Martin Marincin and Alex Plante). Adam Larsson is probably going to Colorado while Landeskog could get into Florida as the team lacks good forwards in the system. It would be interesting to know who’s going to get draft first between Couturier and Huberdeau. I predict Couturier for his safe body size.

Will Montreal get a good player?

Well, MTL GM, Pierre Gauthier said that his scouts believe that the first round has enough depth to get, on the 17th pick, a player on the same caliber as top 10 player. Do we believe that? That’s stating the obvious, there always players from the lower 1st round that shines more than some top 10. It’s really nothing new.

The Montreal Canadien’s scouting team has the tendency to look for the american hockey program. So, Scott Timmins will probably look for the guy who will be a 2-way player after 4 years before going pro. Is that a wrong move? NO, it’s the safest thing to do since these players get to be developed with defensive roles. But, will that produce the shining star? Probably not (lol), because in the end, he’s looking for the future responsible second-liner and not the possible first-liner with a hint of miss risk. I just want to see Timmins gambling like a gambler and not got for the 1 penny slot machines. Just hope that he doesn’t pick for a defensive defenseman on round 1, because it’s there where he seems to fail the most.

What does Montreal need?

Either a player with elite talent who can possibly shine or a sizy forward since the 4 of the top 6 forwards are below 6’0″ + the team sucks at 5 vs 5.

From what I’ve read, the one I Hope (?) to see drafted in montreal:

-Zack Phillips (center): Do we need another prospect center? No, but positions can always be changed anyway (lol). It seems that most nhl scouts and hockeysfuture believe the dude will go to Montreal. He has apparently great hand skills, but questionable skating. I’d say it would be cool to draft him into Montreal. We need offense!

-Joel Arnia (right-wing): the dude is a hit-or-miss kind of player. Talent vs inconsistent work Ethic. Who knows? André K. did get drafted by Montreal (lol).

-Boone Jenner (center): Some speculated that Montreal is looking at Jenner ever since the team signed Alain Berger from the Oshawa Generals. Apparently, he’s a hard-working player with good hockey sense who will play any role from face-offs to blocking shots to leadership. He’s probably not going to be the best offensive potential nor the most impactful pick but I’m sure he can’t be worse than Kyle Chipchura (lol).

-Matt Puempel (left-wing): Apparently, the type of player that gets drafted in the 27-30th pick. Offensive-minded player with speed and hands but also with bad defense and inconsistent work ethic. That reminds me of Ryder but with speed (lol). Worth it? Montreal can always go lower pick on the first by trading in order to find a second round pick or get another 3rd round pick.



Beelzubub Chapter 113: I’ve seen it all now

The saga between Kunieda and Hilda continues as Kunieda tries to catch Oga’s body and Hilda tries to get Baby Beel who resides in it.

The most bizarre moment in Beelzebub has occurred:

LOL, it really feels that Aoi has started to become a rival for Hilda for the wrong reason:

Furuichi’s face says everything. I’m really disappointed at how the anime make him look like an overly perverted loser but in truth he’s a lucky mastermind (while being a bit pervert) who as brings in common sense into the group of the characters.

Tamura Ryohei obviously trolled in that chapter. Pretty funny how Oga and Beelzebub switching bodies would have been relevant to the story for a while, but in one page, the problem has already been resolved like nothing happened. Nonetheless, Beelzebub keeps me wanting to know what happens next, whether or not it will be a story or a comedy chapter.


Kimi no Iru Machi Chapter 140: Haruto must die

Well, Seo Kouji built the perfect setting to end the series in a happy fashion, but nah, the drama must continue!! Eba is becoming that slut who needs Haruto’s dick. Haruto falls for the chick who abandoned him a long time ago. Hell, he dumped Asuka in this chapter. The series is either going to end in an immoral way with Eba and Haruto being together forever after or in the dude’s soul-search on whether Haruto truly loves Asuka or not which will result in him dumping Eba and going back to Asuka (thus showing that Haruto still has not learned his lesson). In the end, it’s just a rollercoaster that needs to be stopped!!

Haruto FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!


Hilarious Madoka and Morning Rescue Pic


LOL Naruto GIF


Arakawa Under The Bridge (live action) trailer

It looks so bad that it could actually be good :p Seeing this trailer reminds of the Montreal/Quebec local comedy movies I used to watch when I was a kid (lol).


I present to you the greatest pro wrestling match in history


Gundam Age Trailer: Couldn’t be more ridiculous

Ever imagined what would happened if Inazuma Eleven merged with Gundam? This sort of crap happens. Well, some expressed concern that Gundam Age would be a comedy like the SD series. I think we got something worse. This series will most likely join the Seed series as part of the worst gundam shows ever.


Review: Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? OVA: an ass themed episode

My love for Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? only grew as time goes by.

Warning: Protect your ass virginity!!

Following the announcement of the licensing of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? by funimation and of a new season coming up in the near future, we get more delicious stuff with an OVA episode!


Summary of episode:
-Haruna makes a festival event
-Orito and Ayumu forms a pervy team during the festival and school events
-Seraphim’s cooking is still lethal
-Ayumu is no longer a virgin
-The harem count reached 6

Keyword of the episode: ASS

Watching the ova made me think that not seeing KWDK’s weirdness brings a hole in my soul. We may not get Ayumu cross-dressing as a Masou Shoujo, but the series just take the weirdness to a newer level by de-virginising his ass. It is things like Ayumu facial expression that reminds of Seto no Hayanome with Nagasumi losing his Firrsstooo Kissuuu to Masa-san :p However, I do feel disturbed that the dude just looked more girlier than when he puts on his masou shoujo suit (lol).

People would just mistake this for a Hentai picture shot

LOL Expression


Well, it’s pretty funny considering that we finally get to know who was the name of that normal girl who, without much surprise, was in love with Ayumu. Only after 12 episodes and one ova do we (or at the very least, I) learn that she is called Taeko Haramatsu. We get a confirmation that she likes the dude. Pretty obvious, but I couldn’t ignore the trollbility that she liked Orito (lol). I was pretty surprised how normal the reason why she likes him. Well, she is normal after all (lol). Congrats to Ayumu for increasing his harem to 5 chicks. Oh wait, it doesn’t end here, because Ayumu got a new member on his harem, Sarasvati. The reason for her falling in love with him is a silly yet hilarious one…looking at his ass! I wonder if it’s because Ayumu is no longer an ass virgin (lol). Seriously, I’m not sure how you fall in love after looking at someone’s ass. The ass factor has never been turn-on success for me. I kinda fear that Saras has a dick hidden in her hot panties. I’m pretty sure that there will be some doujin artists ready to draw some Futanari action. Honestly, Sarasvati will probably bring diversity as a truly perverted female unlike the other members of Ayumu’s harem. In addition, while we may not get a shy megane-shoujo into the harem, I think Haramatsu’s personality is pretty much similar to what I want already. I wonder if Kanami will also join the harem. Why not? Let’s have Ayumu get all the known chicks in the show…It’s almost done anyway. Orito is pretty much meant to stay alone and be jealous of Ayumu for eternity. It’s something to look forward in season 2.

She has b00bs :p

She got a nice view of Ayumu's butt

Damn Orito

Hmmm, on this special episode, the voice for Ayumu’s delusion of Yuu is pretty much disappointing. The point of those delusions is to make Yuu look more cuter than she already is. Whoever was playing delusion Yuu didn’t really have the voice of a cute little sister, but rather more of an adult young sister of an older dude which kinda kills the purpose. However, since we’ve already heard the real voice Yuu, do we really need a guest delusion voice for her character? I wouldn’t mind seeing the show stick with only one seiyu for Yuu and her delusion form.

Cute face, but the guest voice wasn't really KAWAII

There wasn’t any anime during spring 2011 that I felt had good fan service action. Rie Kugimiya, along with some clichés, kinda ruined Hidan no Aria for me which led me to drop the show after 5-6 few episodes. I lost interest in We, Without Wings after 2 episodes. So, I was pretty much disconnected from any kind of fan services. I really found enjoyable to see a few cosplays from the KWZDK characters. You really can’t go wrong with Sera wearing a ninja suit or a tight retro undercover spy suit. Considering, she’s a vampire ninja…the ninja suit was needed (lol). I mean…those vampire ninjas wear mage caps and maid costumes, but have never even put any kind of ninja clothing. It was about time.

Vampire Ninja ❤


I’m surprised how good of a duo Ayumu and Orito makes. Ayumu brings a very subtle loving perversion while Orito brings that pervy-sage style persona. One is somewhat lucky with chicks and the other just completely fails in his love life. This combo needs to be developed in the second season. Orito’s epic fail life would make the show much more refreshing whenever or if we start getting tired of Ayumu being a victim. Let’s pray to the pervert god statue.


It was a very entertaining episode as usual. I give it a good 8.5/10. You can expect me to actively write about the second season of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? when it comes out in a forseeable future. Spring 2011 is just so hard for me to write anything (lol) because the season was just filled with 7 to 8-pointer shows (you can imagine that there wasn’t really a 9-pointer anime that truly stood out among others).


Detective Conan OP 31: Don’t Wanna Lie by B’Z

Seriously, 31 opening songs already…I really wonder how this show survived this long. LOL



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