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[Final Impression] Moshidora

(This article is personally written by me as the guess writer here without prejudice and does not represent the view of this blog as a whole. Viewer discretion is advised)

Finally after about 2 weeks airing this anime finally came to an end. It was quite fast, if I’m not mistaken, 4 episodes per week (well there’s a reason for that but I forgot what it is). The ending is kinda bittersweet, making it the 3rd anime this year with that kind of ending.

I’d like to reminisce the whole story again. Minami Kawashima, being the current manager for Hodokubo High baseball team, was actually a stand-in for the bedridden Yuki Miyata who was the actual manager for the team. Those two were good friends and has been together ever since they were babies (I wonder how is that possible?). Too bad in the end Yuki didn’t managed to see the team won the final and go to the nationals, despite it was her dream to bring the team to achieve that. Honestly for me that was an unexpected development that I wasn’t ready to face. It’s because halfway through the series it appeared to be a heartwarming one. Things however started to show the sign of upcoming tragedy since episode 6, where there was still no indication that Yuki’s health is improving. The demise of Yuki was a big shock to Minami at first and she gave up her management job, until she realized that she should not stop halfway of what is actually started by Yuki. But that is not after she was slapped by Jiro though >_<

There’s a little presence of Yuri in this show though and luckily it wasn’t given too much attention or else it would have been too distracting and this anime might lost its educational value then. Somehow I think this anime needs some real romance instead of that yuri, and I think Minami should have been paired with Jiro considering that how close the two are as childhood friends 🙂

The OP & ED of this anime  also sounded “happy” and does not help in giving initial impression that it will have a tragic moment. If we were to rely on the OP& ED alone I bet nobody would have thought that this anime has quite a tragic plot. Speaking of OP & ED, I like both of them, and they’re listed in my favorites already.

I have neither grudge nor hatred against sports anime. With the right settings, as long as there are good character design and good story then I’m all set. The last time I liked baseball in anime was the baseball episode in Ika Musume though (refer to the 10th episode of that anime). Earlier than that would be another baseball anime, Ookiku Furikabute though I don’t like the little presence of yaoi there (lucky their coach is “well-endowed” *cough*). Anyways it’s because of this anime that I learned more about Peter Drucker‘s “Management”. I think aspiring businessmen should watch this anime too. I’d recommend this to businessmen as it could be a good reference for them, and I know why this anime is good for that because I’m also a businessman.


Final Impression: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Finally, after postponed for about one month, we’re presented with the last 2 episodes of Madoka Magica, in one go. In the end Madoka Magica is more about friendship, romance as well as family values. Although I believe sacrifice would only lead to an incomplete achievement, there are times sacrifice is inevitable. That’s what Madoka Magica have taught me. Personally I wish this series was made into full season (24-26 episodes) but I think for it to end at 12th episode is fine too, considering how depressing the story is (I wouldn’t know how much I could bear the plot should it had another 12 episodes).

I believe the most anticipated moment is we get to see the Walpurgis Night event in a more detailed fashion. This must have been the question most of the fans eagerly waiting for an answer. All I can say is Homura fought it alone, but she can’t defeat it alone, and lucky she’s not going to do it alone until the end. Madoka became a mahou shoujo in the end but her wish was something that I never thought of. It was  like “Whoa! Unpredictable!” For those who have yet to see it please do so as I’m not going to spill any more than what I already have here.

Madoka Magica ended with what I’d call a bittersweet ending, I mean something that you could perceive as positive bad ending or negative good ending. Personally I don’t really prefer that kind of ending, which has similar feeling to Fractale’s bittersweet ending too but I guess it’s OK since it’s not really the end of everything for Madoka and there’s still hope for everybody. I enjoyed the series to its fullest without any regret. I’ll keep it as one of the best anime of all time. For a score, I might have given it a perfect 10/10 score but 0.5 deducted for the animation which I think might have been better if it wasn’t Shaft. Anyways, thanks for watching.



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