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Thaivu’s Journal Space

► Are you single ➔Sadly, yeah

► Are you happy ➔I guess so

► Are you bored ➔not yet 0_0

► Are you sad ➔lol why would i be?

► Are you Italian ➔nope

► Are you German ➔nooo

► Are you Asian ➔yes duh

► Are you angry ➔hmmm let’s see… *shows off an angry face*

► Are you Irish ➔i think you can see on the “Are you Asian” question

► Are your parents still married ➔Yup
► Birth Place ➔Montreal, Quebec, Canada

► Hair Colour ➔Black

► Hair Style ➔Afro……nah j/k Hehe

► Eye colour ➔black

► Birthday ➔the 32th day of the 13th month

► Mood ➔who knows

► Gender➔Perverted Male :p

► Lefty or Righty ➔Righty but i can be ambidextrous in some situation

► Summer or Winter ➔Summer

► Morning or Afternoon ➔Afternoon


► Are you in love ➔maybe

► Do you believe in love at first sight ➔maybe “crush at first sight” but dunno about “love at first sight”

► Who ended your last relationship ➔what relationship lol

► Have you ever been hurt ➔heart-wise nah

► Have you ever broken someone’s heart ➔Yea…opps i mean…….no

► Are you friends with your ex ➔i had an ex?

► Are you afraid of commitment ➔yeah

► Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔Yup but still can’t get enough of hugs

► Have you ever had a secret admirer: no =(

► Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ lol no


► Love or Lust ➔Both!!!!!!

► Lemonade or Iced tea ➔Addicted to Nestea lol

► Cats or Dogs ➔I love dogs but dogs hate me =(

► A few best friends or many regular friends ➔A few best friends

► Television or Internet ➔Internet even though my nickname is TV lol

► Pepsi or Coke ➔Nestea!!!!!

► Wild night out or romantic night in ➔night in

► Pink or Purple ➔RED!!!!!!

► Day or Night ➔Night

► IM or Phone ➔Phone


► Been caught sneaking out ➔did i ever snuck out?

► Fallen off the stairs ➔remembering it still pains me (ouch it hurts!!!!)

► White water rafted ➔no?

► Finished an entire jawbreaker ➔huh?

► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt?haha yeah

► Prank called a store ➔oh come on

► Skipped School ➔I skipped class only

► Wanted to disappear ➔i only want to become the ruler of the world


► Smile or Eyes ➔Both

► Light or Dark Hair ➔Dark Hair

► Fat or Skinny ➔huh normal

► Shorter or Taller ➔does it matter?

► Intelligence or Attraction ➔Both!!

► Jock or Nerd ➔hmmm no comment

► Hook-up or Relationship ➔Relationship

► Funny and poor OR Rich and serious ➔How about “Funny and Rich” lol

► Play the guitar or into sports ➔i quit the guitar and I’m not sportive


► Last Phone Call/Text ➔dunno i don’t use my phone a lot lol

► Last phone call you received ➔same answer as before

► Last person you hung out with ➔Friends

► Last person you hugged ➔Can’t remember

► Last person you IM’ed ➔not sure what is “IM” lol

► Last thing you ate ➔Steak…….i’m stuffed

► Last thing you drank ➔Coke

► Last site you went to ➔my own YouTube group:

► Last place you were ➔School


► Are you in a committed relationship ➔no

► Do you want to be ➔Obviously yes

► Have you ever loved a guy more than anything else in the world? ➔*puke*

► Do you still love them ➔…..

► Do you like someone right now ➔yeah


► Do you and your family get along ➔sometimes

► Would you say you have a “fucked up life”➔YES!!! haha

► Have you ever run away from home ➔nope

► If so, how long ➔-_-

► Have you ever gotten kicked out ➔yeah

► If so, how long ➔10 seconds lol


► Do you secretly hate one of your friends ➔Hate is such a strong word

► Do you consider all of your friends good friends ➔most of them

► Do you trust all your friends ➔oh hell to the no

► Who are/is your best friend(s): why do you want to know?

► Who knows everything about you ➔NO ONE beside Me, Myself and I

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