Short rant on Toronto Trip: Rage against Parents

I have come back from a pointless family trip to Toronto with my cousins’ family. Pointless because the plan of the trip was to visit relatives. Nothing more, nothing less. God knows that I’m no family dude. Nothing wrong with visiting family, but seriously, parents shouldn’t make their children to go to a trip that requires 6 hours of car travel just to meet some OLD relatives as I didn’t see anyone on the same age, buy cheap sandals for souvenirs (SERIOUSLY?!?!?!) on an asian super-market, eat regular Vietnamese food (FUCK, my overdose is killing me again), sleep, re-meet the same old geezers (Day 2 of Trip), waiting for the parents and elderly to finish praying in a Buddhist temple in a middle of nowhere (I’m a total Atheist) and go back home. So, in this trip plan, what was so important to do that can’t done in Montreal and that would require me to move my ass for a long car travel? NOTHING! I arrived in Toronto on Saturday 11 A.M. and left on Sunday 2 P.M. Let’s see, I came back to Montreal at 10 pm yesterday. The date and time I’ve started writing this is Monday at 1:30 A.M. Monday, May 23rd is a holiday (celebration of the Queen or whatever the official holiday’s name is). One would normally use that time to extend that trip and actually do something significant on the city, but NOOOOOOOO! The purpose of this trip? To give Parents a chance to show off their kids to relatives to build a reputation among the big family. At least, that’s how my parents has always been. Yes, my parents always tell me to become a doctor in order to brag to the other families and tell me to take example of this cousin that became a doctor. I’M TIRED!!!! Me had no fun, 17-years-old Cousin had no fun. Yes, notice the horrible syntax in that last sentence. It’s caused by brain cell damage due to that trip.

Of all the trip I’ve ever did in my life, that one was pure CRAP. The sleep during that the trip was more entertaining than the stay.

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