Deadman Wonderland ep 5: Shiro Rules!!!

This is the first anime-related post ever since the change to the Vertigo theme. Plus, I need to test some formats. So what’s anime is best to talk about? Well, Deadman Wonderland episode 5 is out and I’m having fun watching the series. Violence and Death is always fun for a sadist.

Seriously, the opening song is pretty addicting.

Warning: I do not guarantee the post is spoiler-free

Summary of ep:
– Woodpecker def Crow
– Takami Yoh is a douche
– Tamaki is a fucking Otaku
– Shiro is the Wretched Egg
– Chief Makina is still hot

That pretty much sums it up. Woodpecker gets the obligatory hard-fought win via beginner’s luck (lol). Getting beat up to near-death, Get up and Win…Shounen Style! Yes, the series is still a shounen, not a seinen (lol). Seriously, Ganta’s blood gun is so inconvenient for battle compared to Crow’s blood scythe. Shooting too much blood will lead the user to have anemia. It’s a strong attack but looks so uncool. Still, Ganta continues to grow as a character. He’s not just despairing like Shinji Hikari from Evangelion who makes everything look so negative. He has desires to live at all cost and to kill those who screwed his life.

I already spoke about sadism on this show in the post for episode 2. No comment about that spectator bragging about his wife. But damn, that doctor chick’s facial expression was pure win on Crow’s punishment. I wonder how much prisoners enjoyed that part. I certainly enjoy a good silly looking batsu game (lol). However I wanted to see the punishment uncensored where that chick takes out an eye.


The show starts revealing that Shiro is actually the Wretched Egg considering that The Wretched Egg is always related to the end of the Lullaby and Shiro smiles the evil same way. Now, that’s a twist and only in 5 episode into the series. The segment where Shiro just shits everyone into a decapitation rain is just priceless. Not only that, but, Shiro is also Ganta’s childhood friend. So, it’s interesting how the situation is going to turn since she’s the person Ganta really wants which leads to a bizarre love relationship. If you take into account the rain of body parts and the eye retirement scenes, the censorship doesn’t seem to work that well in the anime. The show needs partial censorship not a complete one.

A human head makes a good toy for a kid


If you ask me, Tamaki is obviously an otaku. In the ending song, you can see the past of every character and Tamaki appears a gamer. He’d look like he was a freaking hikikomori. The guy just doesn’t seem to see the difference between reality and fantasy. The prison Deadman Wonderland is a game map for him and he’s the player. That would explain his douchebag character a lot.

Why do I believe he was a former Hikikomori? lol

7.5/10: Liked the twist about Shiro. Over-censoreship kinda kills it. Some flesh would be appreciated.

1 Response to “Deadman Wonderland ep 5: Shiro Rules!!!”

  1. May 2, 2013 at 9:40 PM

    What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious knowledge about unexpected feelings.

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