Infinite Stratos episode 12: The end

Well there is my last IS post. I got to say that I’m going to miss the show very much.

Damn that lucky bastard

Warning: This episode proves the show does not make any sense, but you already knew.

Yet again, we have an episode where there isn’t a whole lot of sense. Honestly, the anime would be much better if it was spanned over 24 episodes instead of 12. Some historical information of this anime just conveniently appear randomly such as the White Knight and the Core Zero Zero. Seriously, a prelude should have been made before airing the actual series. We end up learning that Ichika’s IS Core has the ability to regenerate its master. Superb, but this is the last episode. It just happen to have this ability because it was convenient. Generic “Main Character to the rescue” time!!! Wait, we already have: MORNING RESCUE!!! Everything was really too rushed. For convenience (again), Tabane is the one who is the cause of everything in this show, from leading Ichika to an IS to making the Gospel go rampage. Great, she’s the new Sousuke Aizen (lol). Just as I planned 🙂

Hmmm, the unconscious Ichika is inside a world (generic moment). Two girls are talking to him. Oh snap, didn’t I see this a 100 times already in other anime series such as The Candidate For Goddess? One girl is a loli talking about some blah blah. The other is a tall chick in a IS armor asking if Ichika wants power. Under normal common sense, the loli girl is probably Ichika’s IS, Byakushiki, and the tall chick is a A.I. data based from the White Knight.

Relaxing in the generic world

Mystery Loli girl (*cough* ByakuShiki)

Do you want power? No, I'll go look for Kyubey for that.

The action sequence was actually excellent, except for the one part where the anime re-uses the same first 2 min of the first episode on this final episode, but it’s not much of a problem because of the entertaining fight. It took 12 ep for Ichika to actually win a mech fight (HAHAHA).

Now let’s talk about harem from this episode. We have Houki starting to get the lead from the rest of Team Harem. Yes, it’s too bad the show ended. Houki asked Ichika if he was aware that she is of the opposite sex. His answer was simply: “I guess.” From that answer, for me, it’s the equivalent of “No, however I just noticed that, so I’m going to say yes to save my own life.” The answer “I guess” is such a weak answer, especially when an unaware character like Ichika didn’t have much of a reaction to the question. However, he does make it up for the attempted kiss which was interrupted by the rest of Team Harem. Seriously ending the show with a bunch of girls wanting to kill the main character isn’t funny anymore.


Speaking of Wrong:


Wished Ichika had died in the last ep. Too bad we don't get what we wish for.

This episode gets a 8/10 for the action, a 3/10 for the originality, a 3/10 for the story (Since the storyline was never really good, it’s kinda a useless score haha. Oh Guilt Pleasure!), a 2/10 for the ending. P.S.: The Gospel’s power level is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!

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