Infinite Stratos ep 9: Beach/Siscon/loli

Hi Hi, Are you high? Seriously, I need a puff of weed. BTW, It’s friday, and so it’s time for my weekly boobalicious post that is Infinite Stratos. >.> As if my blog isn’t filled with perverted content anyway.

The show starts off with a new character: Houki’s onee-chan, Shinonome Tabane who will give Houki her personal IS. Don’t make me name that IS. It’s too much of a pain to go re-watch that scene.

Oh I am getting high

I love the cellphone bunny ears lol

Up until now, I haven’t noticed that Laura Bodewig had a loli body. It just shows how tough her character is. I’m pretty sure Ichika to be her wife (lol). She didn’t learn japanese properly, so that’s why Laura is calling Ichika his wife as she thinks that it is normal to call someone she loves her “wife” hahaha. Am I the only one who wants to be put into Laura’s naked armbar? This is so sexy.




Damn she's really a loli chick

The armbar is such a great pro wrestling maneuver. This is a move known to be part of the 1004 moves mastered by Chris Jericho (haha).

How bad is it to nickname a female friend, Char. I can see this is supposed to be a shot at Char from Gundam considering this is a mecha show too. Nonetheless, the nickname is way too manly for Charlotte. Seriously, you’re not supposed to recite Pi when a hot chick is changing next to you. Ichika should have taken a look.


Rin and Cicilia should make a great yuri duo, because you know they’re not gonna end up having him. Those two have developed a great chemistry together. Oh damn, I wanted to put oil on Cecilia.



Oh I love this scene

Do you remember when I was putting up theories in a previous post that Ichika is either a total moron, gay or a transsexual? I’m still right about him being a total moron, but I was proven wrong for the gay or transsexual part. Ichika is a siscon!! He’s into his sister!!!!!! Yes, his fucking sister!!!!!!!!! Then again, the show was really hinting to this part. Most of the time Ichika was getting his cool moments, it involved somehow Chifuyu. I’m not really a fan of a little bro getting on with his big sis, though I approve the Big bro with the little sis route (hehe).



It was a fun episode but It did lack some Houki fan service scenes. 8/10. Bye Bye, and get High!!!!!

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