IS ep 8: Ichika as a Wife/Let’s bring the birth to the “houki face”

Warning: I’m still looking for staff…Fuck

Primary Reaction: Why Laura Why?!?!?!?!

Let’s recap that episode. It starts with a fun fight between team Houki-Laura and Ichika-Charles. Houki is quickly disposed which is quite sad. Laura is being double-team and starts losing. She loses control of her IS and transforms…Blah Blah Blah…Ichika saves her…Charles re-transfers as a girl with the name Charlotte…Laura comes in and kisses Ichika to declare marriage. I just loved the facial reaction of Houki. The Houki face has potential to rival against the legendary Cornette Face (known to be used several times on Botchamania).


Laura didn’t take long to get out of the “Yan” mode, assuming that she was more of a yandere than a tsundere. But I got to say, between Ichika and Laura, I’m pretty Laura would be the one wearing the pants in the relationship (lol)…Oh wait She did declare that Ichika would be her “wife”. Yes, her “WIFE”. I checked a translator to be sure (lol). 8 episodes have passed and the main character already gains 5 chicks in his senseless harem. All he needs in his harem is a Megane-shoujo.

It was quite a fun episode that ended with a laughable moment. 8/10

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