I’ve started watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes

I was always wondering how good was the best rated show on Myanimelist. When I finished watching the first episode, the main conclusion that came out was that the character names are TOO HARD to remember (lol). Let’s see who I remember: the 2 main characters, Yang and Reinhard (I’m pretty sure that’s how it is spelled).

If there are other series that Legend of the Galactic Heroes reminds me of, it is Star Wars and Gundam. It felt like it is a war between Star Wars’ rebels vs Gundam’s Zeon in the outside looks.

As much as I avoid old stuff, I actually thought the first few episodes of the series were quite enjoyable. Certainly, kids won’t like it considering most of them fear solid storylines. But for me, whose philosophy is “screw honor, do anything to win, fuck you senile old man”, this anime seems to be right in my alley. Right now, I am during exam time, so I’ll continue watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes later and I freaking recommend this.

1 Response to “I’ve started watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes”

  1. February 27, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    It’s more or less impossible to remember everyone’s names, I think, because the show has the largest anime cast ever. Thankfully they keep up with the subtitles showing people’s names. Even for characters with ridiculous(ly awesome) names like ‘Henrique Martino Borges de Arantes e Olibeira’.

    Anyway, good luck! I really like LotGH, and I found it very fun and rewarding to watch — it’s always nice to come across someone else who’s watching it!

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