IS Infinite Stratos EP 05: A bigger harem

More absurd than Mr. Anderson……Anderson being the TNA world champion, here comes the IS ep 5 post. Yes, I skipped episode 4 as there was nothing much about it but fighting scenes.

Houki going Dere

A new chick has been introduced!!!!!!…and her brother. Who cares about the brother anyway? The new girl is called Ran and she seems to be a middle schooler (a very developed one) considering she add “-san” to Ichika’s name. Yes, she’s another horny character. Seriously, she’s another proof that Ichika isn’t a man (lol). Just because of her character design, she’s my favorite female character of IS already haha.



A new chick has been introduced!!!!!!…oh wait Charles is a boy or, at the very least, a girl who’s obviously disguising as a man. He/She is Ichika’s newest roommate after Houki changed room which is sad. NOOOOOOO!!! It was pretty funny when Ichika held Charles’ hand and all the chicks are going “KYAH BL” mode.

CRAP!! Female Bait ALERT

A new chick has been introduced!!!!!!…wait what? Another one? Seriously, the harem group is growing waaayyyy too big over a really small period of time. At least, the new girl, Laura Bodewig, started off with a bitch slap on Ichika (serves him right) as she refuses to accept the fact he is Chifuyu’s little brother. I’m wondering what’s her relationship with Chifuyu. PS: Her boobs size is average.


Besides all these new character introductions, really there is nothing but the stereotypical anime moments with Ichika groping the green-haired teacher’s boobs and the 3 chicks in love fighting to have Ichika taste their food. Nothing new 😦

Fan Service Time

Nothing new is really happening. Only many little stereotypical harem stuffs are occurring which keeps the show on a stalemate. I’d like to see the story picking up with a little bit of serious drama. This show isn’t a great harem because the main male lead isn’t fit on this genre. So there is a need to make the show be more than just a harem. The drama coming off from Laura is obviously going to be washed off when she gets horny on Ichika. I give this episode a 6.5/10.

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