Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 2

Warning: Being back to school made me lazy for some reasons.

First of all, after 2 episodes, the biggest and the most important question has yet to be answered:

What in the blue hell is on Yuu's shoulder?!?!?!?!

Second of all:

Was this panty shot really necessary?

Third of all:

Ayumu cries and runs like a chick

In my opinion, this is simply the #1 candidate for the best anime of the season, besting Beelzebub and Level E. Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka? continues to keep its weirdness to a high level destroying the barrier of common sense.

In that new episode, we get a new chick that will enter Ayumu’s harem life. She is a vampire ninja called Seraphim aka Sera. Like the other 2 chicks, she’s a tsundere, but highly more on “tsun” side. It’s might get tiresome to have another chick living in the main characters house, but we can’t have a harem group without a big-boobs girl considering Yuu (Eu) and Haruna are flat chested. I found the delusions of Ayumu to be funny. Seraphim looks too old to act like his little sister. LOL I wonder why Ayumu is so obsessed to have every moe girls to him “onii-chan”.

This guy seriously needs help

Here is a picture of Sera and DO focus on the center:


Our necromancer, Eucliwood Hellscythe aka Yuu (Eu), is discovered to have a soft side, especially for Ayumu. She slapped Haruna when the masou-shoujo told Ayumu to die
in a casual way.

Bitch Slap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of laugh at Yuu and Ayumu first meeting where the dude just break dances to get her attention and breaks his wrist in a failed move, but succeeds to befriend her.



We can say this: Studio Deen finally and mean finally produced a good anime. But don’t expect to do that next season, since their next anime project is a Yaoi series.


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