Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter 137: The Toilet Youkai

Summary: The Nura clan is on New Year holiday having a party. Natto Youkai and company found a painting of Karasu-Tengu’s wife. Maki (one of the Kiyutsugu squad chick) is being hunted by a pervy toilet youkai. Karasu-Tengu and his 3 sons, tagged along by Natto and others, come back to their home in Mount Takao. We meet his wife, Nuregarasu, who happens to be too hot for him. Karasu-Tenge got beat up by his wife for not coming home often. The end.

I need a drink

Reaction: Facepalm

Technically, nothing really happened. Then again, nothing happens in any shounen jump series at the moment. This chapter is as useful as the Tsurara Hyakki Yakou build-up arc. It introduces characters that may or may not be useful in the future. The latter seems more likely. I really just want the series to go back to a story arc.

The only thing new we discover is the reason why Karasu-Tenge has shrunk so much. He gets beat up so much that he ends up losing his “Fear” every time he goes home and we know how much important “Fear” is for youkai’s powers in the series.

I doubt Karasu-Tenge is wearing the pants in that relationship

The toilet youkai was really a fail, not even deserving the words “Epic Fail”. He peeps in Maki when she’s taken a piss and ends up losing his head due to an incantation that Maki learnt to defend herself against him. And why does the serious character is the most dangerous when drunk. It feels that was really too generic of a moment in anime/manga even for Gyukki.

Oh Snap

This chapter was very “meh”. 5/10

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