First Impression: Freezing

Here is the OP song that could reach my Ipod: Colors by Maria ❤

While the anime doesn't follow the manga at 100%, I still give props for not transforming any characters into something they're not (Reference to Keita from Kurokami). The first episode did well to explain the setting and start displaying what kind of characters are Kazuya Aoi and especially the Untouchable Queen Bridgette L. Satellizer. The main heroine, as you can imagine from the first episode, is a cold-blooded and unstable minded chick (In other words, a different type of psycho). I love crazy chicks in anime (lol). Kazuya is simply a sis-con who lost his sister to the battle against the Nova (giant robotic creature). You could say that the first episode was just a tutorial to a video game, because the most of the episode was to explain the situation with the Nova, fighting terminologies, etc… So, the show had tons of unimportant BLAH-BLAHs. However, the show still has potential. 7/10

Memorable Moments:

The face of a psycho's victim
Face of a Psycho’s victim. (caption failed on this pic)

LOL & Generic Moment

LOL Moment: Discoloration of Nipples

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