The World God Only Knows ep 12: Last Episode


The last episode of The World God Only Knows was way beyond funny, disturbing or weird. The God of Conquest, Katsuragi, really outdid himself.

We got into the point where greed took over Katsuragi’s mind. There’s not enough game challenging for him.

The face of someone in need for new games

Seriously, how much consoles does a game addict need to fulfill his desires? I’ve seen thousands of dollars worth of game systems. I wonder what kind of job Katsuragi’s mom has.

I wish I had the budget for this much consoles lol

For those who can’t read the consoles name:
-Pride 64
-Cream Cast
-Saga Saturn
-Game Dice

If playing normally is no longer challenging, I guess the most logical thing to do is to play 6 games at the same time. HAHAHA

The consoles name crack me up

It’s the octopus man!!!!!! I laughed my ass off while he was in the God of Conquest mode. It was funny when Elsie was distancing herself from him and his room several time because of the actual weirdness from Katsuragi’s gamer spirit.

God of Conquest Mode ACTIVATE!!!!


Ok He’s not even looking at the screen. That was way beyond godly skills. It’s probably the most disturbing moment of the episode after the delusion moment.


Even this episode was a filler, it was by far the most entertaining one of the series. It did well to hype the 2nd season scheduled in April 2011.

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    I love it when folks come together and share views.
    Great site, stick with it!

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