Exams over!!

I’ve finally finished my exams. And damn i believed I have screwed up my Linear Algebra exam…crap.

Came back home and Nurarihyon no Mago is near its end (YAY)!!! I couldn’t be more happy to see such a lame anime will stop to ruin the manga series. Day Rikuo and Night Rikup both failed in the anime in my opinion. The day form was too serious and not naive enought. The night form was also too serious and not bad-ass and pimp enough. Those 2 personalities were altered from the manga. There was a total lack of comic relief in order to bring more mystic. I would call this the failed version of Ghost Hunt.

Beelzebub chapter 89: “LOL” moments in that chapter. Oga has now been renamed “Bitch ass pussy” Oga after having dream about being in court (Judge: Furuichi) for losing too much lately.

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