Beelzebub chapter 82: The Crybaby Brothers

Summary: Toujou prepares to fight Izuma, while Oga and Others discuss with En, Baby Beel older brother, and his wet nurses about the end of the world which ended up delayed after the En was defeated by a zombie video game and decided that he needed to buy the newer human video games. The wet nurses warns Oga that Behemoth, in which we learn that it’s a military division serving the demon lord, will be going after his and Baby Beel’s life.
I thought that the chapter was pretty funnny, especially when the world was saved by none other than the PS2!! Not the PS3, but the Motherf***ing PS2!! HELL YEAH!! It was nice to see references of older Gaming systems like Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and even THE GAMEBOY!!

The story really starts to become more focused on Demons now. And also one has to wonder if Oga will ever confront the Demon King who’s really really REALLY random.
Also, i’m looking forward to the Izuma vs Toujou fight. That Izuma is still a mysterious person who knows about the demons.

Really solid chapter; Ratings: 7/10

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